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January 2007[edit]

  • Added {{DEFAULTSORT}} to allow changing the default sorting order for all categories on a page when no sort key is provided. bug 5908
  • Made the project logo display correctly in IE7 on projects using languages that display from right to left when customizing the sidebar. bug 8427
  • Sortable tables sort correctly when whitespace or percentages are used. bug 8154 and bug 8155
  • Added option to allow hiding minor edits from a person's watchlist. bug 8018
  • Added option to Special:Renameuser which allows bureaucrats to automatically move all user pages and subpages to the new name. bug 3519
  • Show whether a template is protected or not in the list of included templates when editing a page. bug 8392
  • Added option when moving a page to allow watching the original page and the page under its new name. bug 8461
  • Updates were made to messages in Cantonese, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Lithuanian and Russian.