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This is hopefully the start of a small ad campaign to increase traffic to Wikinews (and other Wikimedia projects). I'll be posting the requirements for ads (such as size, number of characters, that sort of thing) soon. In the meantime, feel free to come up with ideas, or ad categories, or anything else you can think of which might be relevant. Also consider adding them to wikinews:Wikinews ads/random, then they will show up in {{wikinews ads}}.

Ad classes

Wikinews: If you live in interesting times, then tell us about it.
Wikinews: If you live in interesting times, then tell us about it.

This is a learning bit, so I'm going to explain the classes of ads as I figure out how to create them. All ads can have a list of keywords associated with them, which may be involved in the ad selection process but I haven't figured that out yet.

Image banner


TSIA. This advertisement is primarily an image, which links to a specific url, and to a specific frame if you'd like. The image will require alt text, which will show up when the mouse is hovered over the image in most browsers. A different text may be substituted for this alt text in java-script enabled browsers. Brief text may be included below the image, and will also be linked to the same url (and optional anchor) as the image.

Don't forget titles. mozilla (including fx, seamonkeys, and the rest of the geko gang) only displays tooltips for title attribute. alt is still used for if the image doesn't load (might be slightly wrong but somewhere along those lines) Bawolff ☺☻ 00:28, 14 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]
image used on the french side of the news
Check out wikipedia: w:User:Qxz/Ads/All. Bawolff 03:34, 14 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]

HTML banner


This form of ad allows a short segment of html to be used as the ad. The entire banner will still link to a destination url, with optional frame, and its size is determined outside the html.

Text banner


The ones we're most interested in. A brief text (with font decorative/styling html) with destination url, optional frame target, status text substitution, with size determined outside the banner itself.

How about putting it in a div with the following style: "background-image: url(media:Wikinews-logo.png);". Of course you'd want the real url, shrink it, and perhaps make it a bit faded. Bawolff ☺☻ 19:01, 25 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Ad categories



  • Wikinews: We break the news. The mainstream media don't.
  • Wikinews: Drink from the fountain of knowledge, don't just gargle.
  • Wikinews: We the journalists.
  • Wikinews: Global audience. Local reporters.
  • Wikinews: Factual and Free.
  • Wikinews: This advert has been nominated for editorial cleanup. Please visit and fix it.
  • Wikinews: Edit Us.
  • Wikinews: L’news c’est tu.
  • Wikinews: Make effective use of your keyboard and tell the world what's going on
  • Wikinews: Ask not what our website could do for you...
  • Wikinews: No matter how much you know today you will need to know more tomorrow.
  • Wikinews: Sick of spin and bias? Join us!
  • Wikinews: Everybody is a journalist.
  • Wikinews: If you live in interesting times, then tell us about it.
  • Wikinews: For the news they are a-changin'.
  • Wikinews: We're liscened under Creative Commons!
  • Have a factual-based scoop no one knows about? Post it on Wikinews and let the whole world know!
  • Wikinews: Fair and balanced. No, seriously.
  • Wikinews: not your fathers newscast
  • Wikinews: The right to know, the duty to share, the intelligence to understand.
  • Wikinews: You write, you report, Any comment ?
  • Wikinews: Figuring out what news is important.
  • Wikinews: Making news newsworthy.
  • Wikinews: Making news a two-way process.
  • Wikinews: We're you.
  • Wikinews: Power to the people!
  • Wikinews: You'll remember a great news story, long after you've left.
  • Wikinews: Everything that makes a great news site.
  • Wikinews: The free news source you can write!
  • Wikinews: News with an international perspective.
  • Wikinews: Your news, our news, Wikinews
  • Wikinews: news written by you
  • Wikinews: The peoples news
  • Wikinews: Because citizens know what is news like no others.
  • Wikinews: The whole world is invited and no one is excluded.
  • Wikinews: Write the world around you.
  • Wikinews: Read the world around you.


  • Wikinews: Where your governor's election makes global headlines

(Wikinews does regional news)


  • Wikinews: Where your city council meeting makes global headlines.
  • Wikinews: Where the whole world knows about Power Cable, Nebraska.

Wikinews is not

  • Wikinews: We're not the Associated Press. We're better.
  • Wikinews: We're not the BBC. We haven't pissed off the British Government... yet.
  • Wikinews: We're not Fox News. We haven't decided a presidential election... yet.
  • Wikinews: Not the hired agent of a monied system.
  • At any given moment, public opinion is a chaos of superstition, misinformation, and prejudice. Fortunately Wikinews isn't like that.
  • Wikinews: Not Fox News, not BBC News, We're Wikinews.
  • Wikinews: We're not Voice of America. We're not propganda... yet.
  • Wikinews: We're not NPR. We're actually funny sometimes.
  • Wikinews: We're not Wikipedia. Seriously, we aren't. We're better.
  • Wikinews: We're not Indymedia. We don't protest while we report.


  • Wikinews: The news the mainstream media wont touch
  • Wikinews: You think you can do better?! go ahead.
  • Wikinews: Just because I wasn't wearing any clothes when I wrote it doesn't mean you shouldn't take it seriously.
  • Wikinews: We haven't been praised by Castro.
  • Wikinews: We haven't been praised by George Bush.
  • Wikinews: So fix us.
  • Wikinews: All your articles are belong to us!
  • Wikinews: Not yet bombed by the US government.
  • Wikinews: Journalism ON WHEELS!!!!
  • Wikinews: If ignorance is bliss, visit our site and be miserable – but informed
  • If you're going to waste time on the Internet you might as well learn something. Visit Wikinews and get whacked with a clue-by-four.
  • Wikinews: When the levee breaks, the story's gonna get told.
  • Enter our sweepstakes and WIN!!! Only you can guess who'll be our first journalist in jail
  • Wikinews: We even have a Swedish version. Bork! Bork! Bork!
  • What's black and white and read all over? Wikinews!
  • Wikinews: You have the right to remain silent, but we'd rather you didn't.
  • Wikinews: It's Actionwitness News!
  • Wikinews: Because Wikipedia isn't a news source.
  • Wikinews: Where you can write the ads
  • Wikinews: Because I am worth it ok, copyright i know
  • Wikinews: Write on me, I am not timid.
  • Wikinews: WTF!!
  • Wikinews: When the world ends, you'll here about it.
  • Wikinews: We drink the cup of knowledge, not beer.
  • Wikinews: The only news source where you can wear pajamas while you're reporting today's top headlines.
  • Wikinews: The only news source where you can report on news at 3:00 am in the morning.
  • Wikinews: Our journalists wear pajamas, not suits!
  • Wikinews: Can't Touch This
  • Wikinews: Our journalists are starving.
  • Wikinews: Even Bin Laden reads a cave. Shhhh!
  • Wikinews: Just because I was wearing my dinosaur pajamas when I wrote it doesn't mean you can't take it seriously.
  • Wikinews: The black sheep of the Wikimedia family. Who needs those bigwigs over on Wikipedia!?
  • Wikinews: The only news source with attitude.
  • Wikinews: The only news source bold enough to turn on it's parent organization
  • Wikinews: No, we're NOT Wikipedia, CNN.
  • Wikinews: We don't shout the news at you, like North Korea. We help you write it.
  • Wikinews: Not affiliated with the NUJ :)
  • Don't read this shitty website. Read Wikinews!

Types, kinds

Rule #1: no popups.
Rule #2: No advertising on eBaums World. Please. They's thieves. —MESSEDROCKER (talk) 22:40, 13 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]