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Do you read the news? Do you get irked at some sites having obvious bias?

Perhaps you shouldn't be reading the news, but writing it.

Take part in the Wikinews writing competition for a chance to win $xxx and to prove that anyone can be a journalist. Writing an article is easy, completed works will show up on Wikinews' front page - and go in Google News, and you can rack up points for your citizen journalism efforts as you go along.

The competition starts on Xxxxx 1, 9999 and runs until end of Xxxxxx, you can join in any time, but the earlier the better chance you have of racking up the points.

If you don't have an account on Wikinews please [register one here] so your points can be tracked. Once you have an account and are logged in, follow the instructions [on this page] to sign up for the competition. A welcoming message will appear on your talk page giving you some handy links for following the site's guidelines.

Once you are signed up and have started writing you'll track your [scores here]. Every article you claim points for must be listed, each point claimed will be confirmed by one or more of the competition judges.

A secondary prize is on offer for the best article written during the running of the competition. The judges A, B, C, D, and E will separately score each submitted article off-wiki and announce a winner at the end of the competition. A prize of $xxx will be awarded for this achievement.