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Ideas for the proposal[edit]

I plan to come up with the first idea in the next day or so. Please feel free to add yours — don't forget to indicate which category you feel it fits into. -- IlyaHaykinson 06:50, 30 October 2006 (UTC)

May be first action to take : what category to choose ?[edit]

Jacques Divol

"Leadership" can work. Either that, or "Pilot Project/Field Test". I am thinking of formulating a proposal about WikiBureaus: getting funded to develop software, marketing materials, and an outreach process to get folks in very local circles to use Wikinews as a place for local news. We are already getting a lot of this with country-specific news hubs (New Zealand, India, etc); we've gotten some great city-level work done (Santa Ana, California; Buffalo, New York, etc).
With Leadership, I'm afraid that we are not centralized enough to drive that kind of a project. That category calls for the creation of a movement: it's hard to plan to pull that off well. The upside is that this category is also for scaling up a successful pilot.
With Field Test, I'm afraid that we would be aiming too low. We already have some processes in place, and some experience. It would be sad to get funded only to develop a prototype but not to create a sustainable system. On the other hand, we don't have enough experience now to see that WikiBureaus will definitely work could definitely use some structured funding to test this idea. -- IlyaHaykinson 09:32, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

Little question[edit]

Do we talk as english-wikinews or as international-wikinews (i prefere this second case personnaly) ? Jacques Divol

Well, I suggest that we prepare to speak on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation, and naturally get their approval before actually speaking on the Foundation's behalf. I would speak with the English Wikinews as the project in question for this proposal — simply because a) we've got no control over other language communities, and b) if this project succeeds, other language communities could build something similar. -- IlyaHaykinson 09:34, 3 November 2006 (UTC)