10 billionth update placed on social networking website Twitter

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twitter logo.

The ten billionth update, or "tweet", has been uploaded to Twitter, a social networking website. The statistic was reported by GigaTweet, a group that keeps archives in relation to Twitter messages. The update was placed onto Twitter at approximately 0100 GMT on Thursday.

The identity of the user who placed the ten billionth "tweet" on the website and the message itself cannot be discovered due to the fact that the update was uploaded from a protected profile. A protected profile is a profile which cannot be viewed by all internet users.

Twitter was first launched in March 2006. The first message to be sent onto Twitter read out: "just setting up my twttr". The website reached its billionth "tweet" in November 2008 and its five billionth in November 2009. GigaTweet have predicted that the twenty billionth update will be put onto the website by October 2010.