18 hospitalized after gas attack in school in Valga, Estonia

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Friday, October 9, 2009

At least 18 people have been hospitalized after two students released pepper spray into a high school in Valga, Estonia. Two of the hospitalized were allowed home after a health check. 25 other students were treated by the school doctor.

Emergency services received the first distress call at 10:02 local time (7:02 GMT). Students were evacuated from the building and the rest of the school day was canceled at 10:45 local time (7:45 GMT). According to latest information, the gas was released by the students in the changing room on the ground floor and in the toilet on the second floor. From there it spread into a ventilation system. It was later determined that it was pepper spray that was used in the attack, not "gas" as was originally reported.

Police have started an investigation and found two suspects in the case, both students at the affected school.