2006 U.S. Congressional Elections

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

United States of America

As of 10:00 p.m EST November 8, 2006, the Democratic Party is projected to have gained control of both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate in the 2006 United States general elections. MSNBC projects that the Democrats now control 234 seats in the House of Representatives, 16 more seats than the 218 needed to control the House of Representatives as all 435 seats were up for election. In the Senate, where the balance of power is closer, one-third of all seats were up for grab. As of 10:00 p.m. EST, AP and Reuters were projecting that the Democrats had picked up all six seats they needed to retake the Senate, including the seats of incumbents Rick Santorum (Penn.), Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), Jim Talent (Missouri), Mike DeWine (Ohio), Jon Tester (Montana), and Jim Webb (VA). The Tester victory by less than 3,000 votes was projected at approximately 2 p.m. EST after the State of Montana announced the results of overnight recounts. Democrat Jim Webb has prevailed in that race by slightly more than 7,000 votes, though his opponent has not conceded and a recount may still occur.


Although the Bush Administration's policy on Iraq was seen as a major issue by voters, exit polls indicated that corruption was of greater concern. Republicans found themselves plagued by a series of scandals in recent months, ranging from the Jack Abramoff corruption scandal to revelations about sexual improprieties involving well-known Republicans, including Congressman Mark Foley and White House confidant Ted Haggard. Many conservative evangelical Christians, the GOP's most reliable voting block, have become disappointed by the scandals and may not vote in great numbers. Pat Buchanan, whose campaigns have often appealed to that voting block, told ABC News, "There's the spending orgy, the arrogance of power . . . . The war in Iraq, failure to protect our border, hurting the working class in Ohio, for example, the list goes on and on. We're more dissatisfied with the Republican Party than we've ever been."

Voter turnout was also influenced by a number of initiatives on state ballots. Michigan's Proposal 2 would outlaw affirmative action in virtually all government programs. Oklahoma voters were slated to decide if stores could sell alcohol on election days. In South Dakota, voters were asked if the state should make marijuana use legal for therapeutic purposes. Many states included initiatives related to eminent domain powers, same-sex marriage, and taxes. In California, voters faced a whopping 36 initiatives. Voters energized by initiatives were more likely to show up at the polls, and more likely to vote for candidates from their party.

Campaigns turn nasty

Several races turned nasty in the closing days of the campaign, with candidates from both parties turning up the heat on their opponents and accusing their rivals of dirty tricks. MSNBC reported that the FBI was investigating calls made to voters in Virginia in an apparent attempt to intimidate and confuse voters. This follows a similar investigation in California, where staff in Republican Congressional candidate Tan D. Nguyen's campaign office sent letters to Latino voters telling them that "You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time." Naturalized citizens are allowed to vote in elections.

Candidates in both New York and Michigan reported that automated telephone calls had been made to voters in the dead of night, purporting to be from their campaigns. The candidates said their campaigns had nothing to do with the calls, and had been made fraudulently in an attempt to make voters angry at them.

It was unclear whether these calls were related to other calls, financed by the National Republican Congressional Committee, that had been made to voters in several states in the previous week. Those calls had generated complaints by voters from both parties who said they were repeated several times in the same day. In at least one state, the calls were pulled when the attorney general notified the NRCC that the calls violated state law.

A different kind of "robocall" was reported in Iowa, where three Democratic candidates for the state House reported that they had been the target of anonymous attack ad calls. The calls inaccurately claimed that the candidates support free health care and college tuition for illegal aliens.

The New Jersey Attorney General's office sent deputies to polling places after Republicans reported possible fraud. The deputies reportedly found no problems.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund photographed armed men attempting to prevent Hispanic voters from entering polling places in Tucson. The photographs and reports of the incidents were sent to the FBI.

Polling Problems

United States time zones

Problems with voting devices, both electronic and manual, required some polling places to remain open later than scheduled. Electronic devices were being used for the first time in about a third of the states.

Air America Radio reported that electronic voting machines in Delaware County, Indiana and Cleveland, Ohio malfunctioned, frustrating voters and election workers. A report published on the USA Today website said election workers in some parts of Florida had resorted to using paper ballots when their electronic voting machines failed to work. National Public Radio reported that some electronic voting machines in Texas had to be turned off when they improperly gave votes to candidates not selected by voters. Problems were also reported in Maine, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

A voting problem of a different type was reported in Kentucky. A Louisville poll worker is alleged to have physically assaulted a voter. Jefferson County clerk spokesperson Paula McCraney said that the voter wanted to press charges after being allegedly choked and pushed by the election worker. No information was available on what led to the incident.

Summaries by state

Those marked * are incumbent in the 109th Congress; those marked † served in the House in the 109th Congress; those marked ‡ served in a previous Congress. Number which precedes name of candidate designates Congressional District.


For United States Representative (2006-11-08 NO RESULTS)[1]
1. Jo Bonner * Republican Mobile
Vivian Sheffield Beckerle Democrat Mobile
2. Terry Everett * Republican Rehobeth
Charles (Chuck) Dean James Democrat Osark
3. Mike Rogers * Republican Anniston
Greg A. Pierce Democrat Alexander City
Mark Edwin Layfield Independent Auburn
4. Robert B. Aderholt * Republican Haleyville
Barbara Bobo Democrat Millport
5. Robert E. (Bud) Cramer, Jr. * Democrat Huntsville
6. Spencer Bachus * Republican Vestavia Hills
7. Artur Davis * Democrat Birmingham


For United States Representative At Large (Num. Report Precinct 439 - Num. Reporting 439 100.00%)[2]
Don Young * Republican Fort Yukon 56.64%
Diane E. Benson Democrat Anchorage 40.07%
Alexander Crawford Libertarian Anchorage 1.67%
Eva L. Ince Green Anchorage 0.71%


For United States Senator (100%)[3]
Jon Kyl * Republican Phoenix 52.8%
Jim Pederson Democrat Phoenix 44.0%
Richard Mack Libertarian Pima 3.2%
For United States Representative (100%)[4]
1. Rick Renzi * Republican Flagstaff 51.6%
Ellen Simon Democrat Sedona 43.6%
David Schlosser Libertarian Flagstaff 4.8%
2. Trent Franks * Republican Glendale 58.2%
John Thrasher Democrat Phoenix 39.2%
Powell Gammill Libertarian Phoenix 2.6%
3. John B. Shadegg * Republican Phoenix 58.5%
Herb Paine Democrat Phoenix 38.9%
Mark Yannone Libertarian Phoenix 2.7%
4. Don Karg Republican Phoenix 24.2%
Ed Pastor * Democrat Phoenix 72.1%
Ronald Harders Libertarian (Write-in) Phoenix 3.8%
5. J. D. Hayworth * Republican Scottsdale 46.2%
Harry Mitchell Democrat Tempe 50.5%
Warren Severin Libertarian Phoenix 3.3%
6. Jeff Flake * Republican Mesa 74.1%
Jason M. Blair Libertarian (Write-in) Laveen 25.9%
7. Ron Drake Republican Avondale 35.7%
Raúl M. Grijalva * Democrat Tucson 60.6%
Joe Cobb Libertarian (Write-in) Avondale 3.7%
8. 1 Randy Graf Republican Green Valley 42.2%
Gabrielle Giffords Democrat Tucson 54.1%
David F. Nolan Libertarian Tucson 1.9%
1 Jim Kolbe* not a candidate.


For United States Representative (67 of 75 Counties Reporting)[5]
1. Mickey ‘‘Stubby Stumbaugh Republican Cabot 31.20%
Marion Berry * Democrat Gillett 68.80%
2. Andy Mayberry Republican Hensley 39.46%
Vic Snyder * Democrat Little Rock 60.54%
3. John Boozman * Republican Rogers 56.40%
Woodrow Anderson Democrat Fort Smith 43.60%
4. Joe Ross Republican El Dorado 23.55%
Mike Ross * Democrat Prescott 76.45%


For United States Senator
Richard ‘‘Dick Mountjoy Republican Monrovia
Dianne Feinstein * Democrat San Francisco
Todd Chretien Green Oakland
Marsha Feinland Peace and Freedom Berkeley
Don J. Grundmann American Independent San Leandro
Michael S. Metti Libertarian El Cajon
For United States Representative
1. 1 John W. Jones Republican Davis
Mike Thompson * Democrat St. Helena
Pamela Elizondo Green Laytonville
Timothy J. Stock Peace and Freedom West Sacramento
2. Wally Herger * Republican Marysville
A. J. Sekhon Democrat Yuba City
E. Kent Hinesley Libertarian Chico
3. Daniel E. Lungren * Republican Folsom
Bill Durston Democrat Rancho Cordova
Michael Roskey Peace and Freedom Sacramento
Douglas Arthur Tuma Libertarian Antelope
4. John T. Doolittle * Republican Roseville
Charlie Brown Democrat Auburn
Dan Warren Libertarian Truckee
5. Claire Yan Republican Sacramento
Doris O. Matsui * Democrat Sacramento
Jeff Kravitz Green Sacramento
John C. Reiger Peace and Freedom Sacramento
6. Todd Hooper Republican Greenbrae
Lynn C. Woolsey * Democrat Petaluma
Richard W. Friesen Libertarian Fairfax
7. George Miller * Democrat Martinez
Camden McConnell Libertarian Pittsburg
8. Mike Denunzio Republican San Francisco
Nancy Pelosi * Democrat San Francisco
Philip Zimt Berg Libertarian San Francisco
Krissy Keefer Green San Francisco
9. John ‘‘J.D. Dendulk Republican San Leandro
Barbara Lee * Democrat Oakland
James Eyer Libertarian Oakland
10. Darcy Linn Republican Pleasant Hill
Ellen O. Tauscher * Democrat Alamo
11. Richard W. Pombo * Republican Tracy
Jerry McNerney Democrat Pleasanton
12. Mike Moloney Republican Foster City
Tom Lantos * Democrat San Mateo
13. George I. Bruno Republican Alameda
Fortney Pete Stark * Democrat Fremont
14. Rob Smith Republican Redwood City
Anna G. Eshoo * Democrat Atherton
Carol Brouillet Green Palo Alto
Brian Holtz Libertarian San Carlos
15. Raymond L. Chukwu Republican San Jose
Michael M. Honda * Democrat San Jose
16. Charel Winston Republican Gilroy
Zoe Lofgren * Democrat San Jose
17. Anthony R. De Maio Republican San Jose
Sam Farr * Democrat Carmel
18. John A. Kanno Republican Modesto
Dennis A. Cardoza * Democrat Atwater
19. George Radanovich * Republican Mariposa
TJ Cox Democrat Fresno
20. Jim Costa * Democrat Fresno
21. Devin Nunes * Republican Tulare
Steven Haze Democrat Auberry
John Roger Miller Green Ducor
22. 1 Kevin McCarthy Republican Bakersfield
Sharon M. Beery Democrat Arroyo Grande
23. Victor D. Tognazzini Republican Santa Maria
Lois Capps * Democrat Santa Barbara
24. Elton Gallegly * Republican Simi Valley
Jill M. Martinez Democrat Thousand Oaks
25. Howard P. ‘‘Buck McKeon * Republican Santa Clarita
Robert Rodriguez Democrat Barstow
David W. Erickson Libertarian Lancaster
26. David Dreier * Republican San Dimas
Cynthia Rodriguez Matthews Democrat La Verne
Ted Brown Libertarian San Gabriel
Elliott Graham American Independent Glendale
27. Peter Hankwitz Republican Northridge
Brad Sherman * Democrat Sherman Oaks
28. Stanley Kimmel Kesselman Republican Valley Village
Howard L. Berman * Democrat North Hollywood
Byron De Lear Green Sherman Oaks
Kelley L. Ross Libertarian Sherman Oaks
29. William J. Bodell Republican La Canada
Adam B. Schiff * Democrat Burbank
Jim Keller Libertarian Pasadena
Lynda L. Llamas Peace and Freedom Alhambra
William M. Paparian Green Pasadena
30. David Nelson Jones Republican Beverly Hills
Henry A. Waxman * Democrat Los Angeles
Adele M. Cannon Peace and Freedom Los Angeles
31. Xavier Becerra * Democrat Los Angeles
32. Hilda L. Solis * Democrat El Monte
Leland Faegre Libertarian West Covina
33. Diane E. Watson * Democrat Los Angeles
34. Wayne Miller Republican South Gate
Lucille Roybal-Allard * Democrat Los Angeles
35. Maxine Waters * Democrat Los Angeles
Paul T. Ireland Libertarian Gardena
Gordon Michael Mego American Independent Hawthorne
36. Brian Gibson Republican El Segundo
Jane Harman * Democrat Venice
Mike Binkley Libertarian Torrance
James R. Smith Peace and Freedom Venice
37. Juanita Millender-McDonald * Democrat Carson
Herb Peters Libertarian Carson
38. Sidney W. Street Republican Hacienda Heights
Grace F. Napolitano * Democrat Norwalk
39. James L. Andion Republican Los Angeles
Linda T. Sánchez * Democrat Lakewood
40. Edward R. Royce * Republican Fullerton
Florice Orea Hoffman Democrat Orange
Philip H. Inman Libertarian Fullerton
41. Jerry Lewis * Republican Redlands
Louie A. Contreras Democrat Hesperia
42. Gary G. Miller * Republican Diamond Bar
43. Scott Folkens Republican Bloomington
Joe Baca * Democrat Rialto
44. Ken Calvert * Republican Corona
Louis Vandenberg Democrat Riverside
Kevin Akin Peace and Freedom Riverside
45. Mary Bono * Republican Palm Springs
David Roth Democrat La Quinta
46. Dana Rohrabacher * Republican Huntington Beach
Jim Brandt Democrat Long Beach
Dennis Chang Libertarian Seal Beach
47. Tan Nguyen Republican Garden Grove
Loretta Sanchez * Democrat Anaheim
48. John Campbell * Republican Irvine
Steve Young Democrat Irvine
Bruce Cohen Libertarian Dana Point
49. Darrell E. Issa * Republican Vista
Jeeni Criscenzo Democrat Oceanside
Lars R. Grossmith Libertarian Oceanside
50. Brian P. Bilbray * Republican Carlsbad
Francine Busby Democrat Cardiff
Miriam E. Clark Peace and Freedom Encinitas
Paul King Libertarian Carlsbad
51. Blake L. Miles Republican El Centro
Bob Filner * Democrat San Diego
Dan Litwin Libertarian San Diego
52. Duncan Hunter * Republican Alpine
John Rinaldi Democrat San Diego
Michael Benoit Libertarian Santee
53. John ‘‘Woody Woodrum Republican San Diego
Susan A. Davis * Democrat San Diego
Ernie Lippe Libertarian San Diego
1 William M. Thomas* not a candidate.


For United States Representative
1. Diana DeGette * Democrat Denver
Thomas D. Kelly Green Englewood
2. Rich Mancuso Republican Evergreen
Mark Udall * Democrat El Dorado Springs
J. A. Calhoun Green Empire
Norm Olsen Libertarian Northglenn
3. Scott Tipton Republican Cortez
John T. Salazar * Democrat Manassa
Bruce E. Lohmiller, Green Write-in Grand Junction
Bert L. Sargent Libertarian Hotchkiss
4. Marilyn N. Musgrave * Republican Fort Morgan
Angie Paccione Democrat Fort Collins
Eric Eidsness Reform Fort Collins
5. 1 Doug Lamborn Republican Colorado Springs
Jay Fawcett Democrat Colorado Springs
Richard D. Hand, Republican Write-in Colorado Springs
Gregory S. Hollister, Republican Write-in Colorado Springs
Brian X. Scott, Democrat Write-in Colorado Springs
6. Thomas G. Tancredo * Republican Littleton
Bill Winter Democrat Castle Rock
Juan B. Botero, Republican Write-in Littleton
Jack J. Woehr Libertarian Golden
7. 2 Rick O'Donnell Republican Lakewood
Ed Perlmutter Democrat Golden
Dave Chandler Green Arvada
John Heckman Concerns of the People, Write-in Lakewood
Roger McCarville American Constitution Party Arvada
Steve Moore, Democrat Write-in Lakewood
John David Sexton Write-in Denver
1 Joel Hefley* not a candidate.
2 Bob Beauprez* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Governor.


For United States Senator
1Alan Schlesinger Republican Woodbridge
Ned Lamont Democrat Greenwich
Ralph A. Ferrucci Green New Haven
Timothy A. Knibbs Concerned Citizens Plantsville
Joseph I. Lieberman * Connecticut for Lieberman New Haven
For United States Representative
1. Scott MacLean Republican East Hartland
John B. Larson * Democrat East Hartford
2. Rob Simmons * Republican Stonington
Joe Courtney Democrat Vernon
3. Joseph Vollano Republican Branford
Rosa L. DeLauro * Democrat New Haven
Daniel A. Sumrall Green New Haven
4. Christopher Shays * Republican Bridgeport
Diane Farrell Democrat Westport
Richard Z. Duffee Green Stamford
Philip Z. Maymin Libertarian Cos Cob
5. Nancy L. Johnson * Republican New Britain
Chris Murphy, Democrat Working Families Cheshire
1 Joseph I. Lieberman* defeated in primary; running as an Independent.


For United States Senator (436 of 436 Districts Reporting = 100%)[6]
Jan Ting Republican Wilmington 28.7 %
Thomas R. Carper * Democrat Wilmington 70.2 %
William E. Morris Libertarian Wilmington 1.1 %
For United States Representative At Large (436 of 436 Districts Reporting = 100%)[7]
Michael N. Castle * Republican Wilmington 57.2 %
Dennis Spivack Democrat Wilmington 38.8 %
Karen M. Hartley-Nagle Independent Dover 2.2 %
Michael Berg Green Wilmington 1.8 %


For United States Senator
Katherine Harris † Republican Tampa
Bill Nelson * Democrat Tallahassee
Floyd Ray Frazier No Party Affiliation Eatonville
Brian Moore No Party Affiliation Spring Hill
Belinda Noah No Party Affiliation Tampa
Roy Tanner No Party Affiliation Oviedo
Lawrence Scott Write-in Aripeka
Bernard Senter Write-in Miami
For United States Representative
1. Jeff Miller * Republican Chumuckla
Joe Roberts Democrat Gulf Breeze
2. Allen Boyd * Democrat Monticello
3. Corrine Brown * Democrat Jacksonville
4. Ander Crenshaw * Republican Jacksonville
Robert J. Harms Democrat Jacksonville
John Blade Write-in Jacksonville
5. Ginny Brown-Waite * Republican Crystal River
John Russell Democrat Dade City
6. Cliff Stearns * Republican Ocala
David E. Bruderly Democrat Gainesville
7. John L. Mica * Republican Winter Park
John F. Chagnon Democrat St. Augustine
8. Ric Keller * Republican Orlando
Charlie Stuart Democrat Orlando
Wes Hoaglund No Party Affiliation Orlando
Clay O. Hill Write-in Kissimmee
D. J. Mauro Write-in Tavares
Larry Sapp Write-in Ocala
9. 1 Gus Michael Bilirakis Republican Holiday
Phyllis Busansky Democrat Tampa
Andrew Pasayan Write-in Holiday
10. C. W. Bill Young * Republican Indian Shores
Samm Simpson Democrat Dunedin
Salvatore A. Fiorella Write-in Hillsboro Beach
11. 2 Eddie Adams, Jr. Republican Tampa
Kathy Castor Democrat Tampa
Jim Greenwald Write-in Gulfport
R. J. Spencer Write-in Tampa
12. Adam H. Putnam * Republican Bartow
Ed Bowlin No Party Affiliation Lake Wales
Joe Viscusi No Party Affiliation Lakeland
13. 3 Vern Buchanan Republican Sarasota
Christine Jennings Democrat Sarasota
14. Connie Mack * Republican Fort Myers
Robert M. Neeld Democrat Cape Coral
Dan Write-in Naples
Richard Grayson Write-in Davie
15. Dave Weldon * Republican Palm Bay
Bob Bowman Democrat Melbourne
16. 4 Mark Foley * Republican Jupiter
Joe Negron Republican Stuart
Tim Mahoney Democrat Palm Beach Gardens
Emmie Ross No Party Affiliation Port St. Lucie
17. Kendrick B. Meek * Democrat Miami
Eric Simpson Write-in Miami
18. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen * Republican Miami
David ‘‘Big Dave Patlak Democrat Miami Beach
Margaret Trowe Write-in Miami
19. Robert Wexler * Democrat Boca Raton
20. Debbie Wasserman Schultz * Democrat Weston
21. Lincoln Diaz-Balart * Republican Miami
Frank J. Gonzalez Democrat Miami
22. E. Clay Shaw, Jr. * Republican Ft. Lauderdale
Ron Klein Democrat Boca Raton
Neil Evangelista No Party Affiliation Boca Raton
23. Alcee L. Hastings * Democrat Miramar
24. Tom Feeney * Republican Oviedo
Clint Curtis Democrat Titusville
25. Mario Diaz-Balart * Republican Miami
Michael Calderin Democrat Miami
1 Michael Bilirakis* not a candidate.
2 Jim Davis* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Governor.
3 Katherine Harris* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Senator.
4 Mark Foley* not a candidate for re-election; however, his name will appear on the ballot, and his votes will count for Joe Negron.


For United States Representative
1. Jack Kingston * Republican Savannah
Jim Nelson Democrat Savannah
2. Bradley C. Hughes Republican Blakely
Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. * Democrat Albany
3. Lynn Westmoreland * Republican Grantville
Mike McGraw Democrat Newnan
4. 1 Catherine Davis Republican Stone Mountain
Henry C. ‘‘Hank Johnson, Jr. Democrat Decatur
Loren Collins Write-in Atlanta
5. John Lewis * Democrat Atlanta
Eleanor Garcia Write-in Atlanta
6. Tom Price * Republican Roswell
Steve Sinton Democrat Marietta
7. John Linder * Republican Duluth
Allan Burns Democrat Lilburn
8. Mac Collins ‡ Republican Jackson
Jim Marshall * Democrat Macon
9. Nathan Deal * Republican Gainesville
John D. Bradbury Democrat Rising Fawn
Brian Russell Brown Write-in Augusta
10. Charlie Norwood * Republican Evans
Terry Holley Democrat Grovetown
11. Phil Gingrey * Republican Marietta
Patrick Samuel Pillion Democrat Carrollton
William Satterwhite Write-in Douglas
12. Max Burns ‡ Republican Sylvania
John Barrow * Democrat Athens
13. Deborah Travis Honeycutt Republican Riverdale
David Scott * Democrat Atlanta
1 Cynthia McKinney* defeated in primary.


For United States Senator
Cynthia Thielen Republican Kailua
Daniel K. Akaka * Democrat Honolulu
Lloyd Jeffrey Mallan Libertarian Kapaa
For United States Representative
1. Richard (Noah) Hough Republican Honolulu
Neil Abercrombie * Democrat Honolulu
2. 1 Bob Hogue Republican Kailua
Mazie K. Hirono Democrat Honolulu
1 Ed Case* not a candidate for re-election; unsuccessful nominee for Senator.


For United States Representative
1. 1 Bill Sali Republican Kuna
Larry Grant Democrat Fruitland
Dave Olson Independent St. Maries
Andy Hedden-Nicely Natural Law Boise
Paul Smith Constitution Letha
2. Michael K. Simpson * Republican Blackfoot
Jim Hansen Democrat Boise
Cameron Forth Independent Victor
Travis J. Hedrick Constitution Buhl
1 C. L. ‘‘Butch Otter* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Governor.


For United States Representative
1. Jason E. Tabour Republican Evergreen Park
Bobby L. Rush * Democrat Chicago
2. Robert Belin Republican Lansing
Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. * Democrat Chicago
Anthony W. Williams Libertarian Dolton
3. Raymond G. Wardingley Republican Chicago
Daniel Lipinski * Democrat Western Springs
4. Ann Melichar Republican Chicago
Luis V. Gutierrez * Democrat Chicago
5. Kevin Edward White Republican Chicago
Rahm Emanuel * Democrat Chicago
6. 1 Peter J. Roskam Republican Wheaton
L. Tammy Duckworth Democrat Hoffman Estates
7. Charles Hutchinson Republican Chicago
Danny K. Davis * Democrat Chicago
8. David McSweeney Republican Barrington Hills
Melissa L. Bean * Democrat Barrington
9. Michael P. Shannon Republican Park Ridge
Janice D. Schakowsky * Democrat Evanston
10. Mark Steven Kirk * Republican Highland Park
Daniel J. Seals Democrat Wilmette
11. Jerry Weller * Republican Morris
John Pavich Democrat Beecher
12. Jerry F. Costello * Democrat Belleville
13. Judy Biggert * Republican Hinsdale
Joseph Shannon Democrat Woodridge
14. J. Dennis Hastert * Republican Yorkville
Jonathan ‘‘John Laesch Democrat Newark
15. Timothy V. Johnson * Republican Urbana
David Gill Democrat Clinton
16. Donald A. Manzullo * Republican Egan
Richard D. Auman Democrat Galena
17. 2 Andrea Zinga Republican Coal Valley
Phil Hare Democrat Rock Island
18. Ray LaHood * Republican Peoria
Steve Waterworth Democrat Easton
19. John Shimkus * Republican Collinsville
Danny L. Stover Democrat Centralia
1 Henry J. Hyde* not a candidate.
2 Lane Evans* not a candidate.


For United States Senator
Richard G. Lugar * Republican Indianapolis
Steve Osborn Libertarian LaPorte
Mark Pool Independent (Write-in) Indianapolis
Jack H. Baldwin Write-in Westfield
For United States Representative
1. Mark J. Leyva Republican Highland
Peter J. Visclosky * Democrat Merrillville
Charles E. Barman Independent Crown Point
2. Chris Chocola * Republican Bristol
Joe Donnelly Democrat Granger
3. Mark E. Souder * Republican Fort Wayne
Thomas Hayhurst Democrat Fort Wayne
4. Steve Buyer * Republican Monticello
David Sanders Democrat West Lafayette
5. Dan Burton * Republican Indianapolis
Katherine Fox Carr Democrat Indianapolis
John Miller Independent (Write-in) Greenfield
6. Mike Pence * Republican Columbus
Barry A. Welsh Democrat Laurel
7. Eric Dickerson Republican Sheridan
Julia Carson * Democrat Indianapolis
John Leroy Plemons Independent (Write-in) Beech Grove
8. John N. Hostettler * Republican Blairsville
Brad Ellsworth Democrat Evansville
9. Michael E. Sodrel * Republican New Albany
Baron P. Hill ‡ Democrat Seymour
Donald W. Mantooth Republican (Write-in) Salem
D. Eric Schansberg Libertarian Jeffersonville


For United States Representative (139 of 324 Precincts for District 1, etc)[8]
1. 1 Mike Whalen Republican Bettendorf 43.6%
Bruce Braley Democrat Waterloo 54.68%
James F. Hill Pirate Eldridge 1.12%
Albert W. Schoeman Nominated by Petition Waterloo 0.61%
2. James A. Leach * Republican Iowa City 49.67%
Dave Loebsack Democrat Mt. Vernon 50.33%
3. Jeff Lamberti Republican Ankeny 46.64%
Leonard L. Boswell * Democrat Des Moines 51.74%
Helen Meyers Socialist Workers Des Moines 1.62%
4. Tom Latham * Republican Alexander 57.32%
Selden E. Spencer Democrat Huxley 42.68%
5. Steve King * Republican Kiron 59.12%
Joyce Schulte Democrat Creston 34.79%
Cheryl L. Brodersen Nominated by Petition Denison 1.33%
Roy Nielsen Nominated by Petition Orange City 4.75%
1 Jim Nussle* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Governor.


For United States Representative
1. Jerry Moran * Republican Hays
John Doll Democrat Garden City
Sylvester Cain Reform St. Marys
2. Jim Ryun Republican Topeka
Nancy Boyda * Democrat Topeka
Roger D. Tucker Reform Ottawa
3. Chuck Ahner Republican Overland Park
Dennis Moore * Democrat Lenexa
Robert A. Conroy Reform Shawnee
4. Todd Tiahrt * Republican Goddard
Garth J. McGinn Democrat Bel Aire
Joy R. Holt Reform Kansas City


For United States Representative
1. Ed Whitfield * Republican Hopkinsville
Tom Barlow Democrat Paducah
2. Ron Lewis * Republican Cecilia
Mike Weaver Democrat Radcliff
3. Anne M. Northup * Republican Louisville
John Yarmuth Democrat Harrods Creek
Donna Walker Mancini Libertarian Louisville
W. Ed Parker Constitution Louisville
4. Geoff Davis * Republican Hebron
Ken Lucas ‡ Democrat Union
Brian Houillion Libertarian Walton
5. Harold Rogers * Republican Somerset
Kenneth Stepp Democrat Barbourville
6. Ben Chandler * Democrat Versailles
Paul Ard Libertarian Nicholasville


For United States Representative
1. 1 Bobby Jindal * Republican Kenner
David Gereighty Democrat Metairie
Stacey Tallitsch Democrat Metairie
Peter Beary Libertarian River Ridge
2. Eric T. Bradley Republican New Orleans
Joseph ‘‘Joe Lavigne Republican New Orleans
Lawrence William ‘‘Lance von Uhde III Republican New Orleans
Scott Barron Democrat New Orleans
Regina Bartholomew Democrat New Orleans
Karen Carter Democrat New Orleans
Troy ‘‘C Carter Democrat New Orleans
Deven ‘‘D. C. Collins Democrat Baton Rouge
John Edwards Democrat New Orleans
William J. Jefferson * Democrat New Orleans
M. V. ‘‘Vinny Mendoza Democrat Kenner
Derrick Shepherd Democrat Marrero
Gregory W. ‘‘Rhumbline Kahn Libertarian New Orleans
3. Craig Romero Republican New Iberia
Olangee ‘‘OJ Breech Democrat LaPlace
Charlie Melancon * Democrat Napoleonville
James Lee Blake, Jr. Libertarian Franklin
4. Chester T. Kelley Republican Shreveport
Jim McCrery * Republican Shreveport
Artis R. Cash, Sr. Democrat Shreveport
Patti Cox Democrat Shreveport
5. Rodney Alexander * Republican Quitman
Gloria Williams Hearn Democrat Pineville
Brent Sanders Libertarian Alexandria
John Watts Other Bastrop
6. Richard H. Baker * Republican Baton Rouge
Richard M. Fontanesi Libertarian Baton Rouge
7. Charles W. Boustany, Jr. * Republican Lafayette
Mike Stagg Democrat Lafayette
1 In Louisiana, the congressional election on November 7, 2006, is an open (nonpartisan) primary election. To be elected on November 7, a candidate must receive a majority of the vote. A run-off election is scheduled for December 9, 2006, for those seats for which none of the candidates received the requisite majority, or for a tie (see Foster v. Love, 522 U.S. 67).


For United States Senator
Olympia J. Snowe * Republican Auburn
Jean M. Hay Bright Democrat Dixmont
William H. Slavick Independent (Unenrolled) Portland
For United States Representative
1. Darlene J. Curley Republican Scarborough
Thomas H. Allen * Democrat Portland
Dexter J. Kamilewicz Independent (Unenrolled) Harpswell
2. Laurence S. D'Amboise Republican Lisbon
Michael H. Michaud * Democrat East Millinocket


For United States Senator
1 Michael S. Steele Republican Annapolis
Benjamin L. Cardin † Democrat Catonsville
Lih Young Democrat (Write-in) Rockville
Kevin Zeese Green Takoma Park
For United States Representative
1. Wayne T. Gilchrest * Republican Kennedyville
Jim Corwin Democrat Severna Park
2. Jimmy Mathis Republican Cockeysville
C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger * Democrat Cockeysville
3. 2 John White Republican Annapolis
John P. Sarbanes Democrat Towson
Charles Curtis McPeek, Sr. Libertarian Columbia
4. Michael Moshe Starkman Republican Rockville
Albert Russell Wynn * Democrat Mitchellville
5. Steny H. Hoyer * Democrat Mechanicsville
Peter Kuhnert Constitution Martinsburg
Steve Warner Green California
6. Roscoe G. Bartlett * Republican Frederick
Andrew Duck Democrat Brunswick
Robert E. Kozak Green Frederick
7. Elijah E. Cummings * Democrat Baltimore
8. Jeffrey M. Stein Republican Chevy Chase
Chris Van Hollen * Democrat Kensington
Gerard P. Giblin Green Silver Spring
1 Paul S. Sarbanes* not a candidate.
2 Benjamin L. Cardin* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Senator.


For United States Senator
Kenneth G. Chase Republican Belmont
Edward M. Kennedy * Democrat Barnstable
For United States Representative
1. John W. Olver * Democrat Amherst
William H. Szych Unenrolled Hatfield
2. Richard E. Neal * Democrat Springfield
3. James P. McGovern * Democrat Worcester
4. Barney Frank * Democrat Newton
5. Martin T. Meehan * Democrat Lowell
6. Richard W. Barton Republican Manchester-By-The-Sea
John F. Tierney * Democrat Salem
7. Edward J. Markey * Democrat Malden
8. Michael E. Capuano * Democrat Somerville
Laura Garza Socialist Workers Boston
9. Jack E. Robinson Republican Brockton
Stephen F. Lynch * Democrat South Boston
10. Jeffrey K. Beatty Republican Harwich
William D. Delahunt * Democrat Quincy
Peter A. White Independent Yarmouth


For United States Senator
Michael Bouchard Republican Royal Oak
Debbie Stabenow * Democrat Lansing
W. Dennis FitzSimons U.S. Taxpayers Berrien Springs
Leonard Schwartz Libertarian Oak Park
David Sole Green Detroit
For United States Representative
1. Don Hooper Republican Iron River
Bart Stupak * Democrat Menominee
David J. Newland Green Bellaire
Ken Proctor Libertarian Charlotte
Joshua J. Warren U.S. Taxpayers Palmer
2. Peter Hoekstra * Republican Holland
Kimon Kotos Democrat North Muskegon
Ronald E. Graeser U.S. Taxpayers Fremont
Steven Van Til Libertarian Holland
3. Vernon J. Ehlers * Republican Grand Rapids
James R. Rinck Democrat Grand Rapids
Rodger Gurk Green Wyoming
Jeff A. Steinport Libertarian Grand Rapids
4. Dave Camp * Republican Midland
Mike Huckleberry Democrat Greenville
John Emerick U.S. Taxpayers Mt. Pleasant
Allitta Hren Libertarian Big Rapids
5. Eric J. Klammer Republican Saginaw
Dale E. Kildee * Democrat Flint
Ken Mathenia Green Grand Blanc
Steve Samoranski II Libertarian Armada
6. Fred Upton * Republican St. Joseph
Kim Clark Democrat Three Oaks
Kenneth E. Howe Libertarian Grand Rapids
7. 1 Tim Walberg Republican Tipton
Sharon Marie Renier Democrat Munith
David Horn U.S. Taxpayers Jackson
Robert L. Hutchinson Libertarian Dexter
8. Mike Rogers * Republican Brighton
Jim Marcinkowski Democrat Brighton
Dick Gach Libertarian Bloomfield
Aaron Stuttman Green Lansing
9. Joe Knollenberg * Republican Bloomfield Hills
Nancy Skinner Democrat Birmingham
Matthew R. Abel Green West Bloomfield
Adam Goodman Libertarian Waterford
10. Candice S. Miller * Republican Harrison Township
Robert Denison Democrat Shelby Township
Mark Byrne Libertarian Port Huron
Candace Ruth Caveny Green Lapeer
Richard F. Gualdoni U.S. Taxpayers Lapeer
11. Thaddeus G. McCotter * Republican Livonia
Tony Trupiano Democrat Dearborn Heights
Charles E. Tackett U.S. Taxpayers Belleville
John T. Tatar Libertarian Livonia
12. Randell J. Shafer Republican St. Clair Shores
Sander M. Levin * Democrat Royal Oak
Andy Lecureaux Libertarian Hazel Park
Art Myatt Green Pleasant Ridge
Jerome S. White No Party Affiliation Lathrup Village
13. Carolyn C. Kilpatrick * Democrat Detroit
14. Chad Miles Republican Dearborn
John Conyers, Jr. * Democrat Detroit
15. John D. Dingell * Democrat Dearborn
Robert F. Czak U.S. Taxpayers Woodhaven
Aimee Smith Green Ann Arbor
Gregory Stempfle Libertarian Dearborn Heights
1 John J. H. ‘‘Joe Schwarz* defeated in primary.


For United States Senator ( Precincts Reporting: 100.00% (4123 of 4123))[9]
1 Mark R. Kennedy † Republican St. Paul 38.01%
Amy Klobuchar Democratic-Farmer-Labor St. Paul 57.99%
Michael James Cavlan Green Minneapolis 0.49%
Robert Fitzgerald Independence Rothsay 3.23%
Ben Powers Constitution Austin 0.24%
For United States Representative (Precincts Reporting: 100.00% (4123 of 4123))[10]
1. Gil Gutknecht * Republican Rochester 47.12%
Tim Walz Democratic-Farmer-Labor Mankato 52.74%
2. John Kline * Republican Lakeville 56.19%
Coleen Rowley Democratic-Farmer-Labor Apple Valley 40.04%
Douglas Williams Independence Chaska 3.72%
3. Jim Ramstad * Republican Minnetonka 64.85%
Wendy Wilde Democratic-Farmer-Labor Edina 35.04%
4. Obi Sium Republican Oakdale 30.22%
Betty McCollum * Democrat St. Paul 69.54%
5. 2 Alan Fine Republican Minneapolis 21.34%
Keith Ellison Democratic-Farmer-Labor Minneapolis 55.56%
Tammy Lee Independence Golden Valley 21.01%
Jay Pond Green Minneapolis 1.96%
6. 3 Michele Bachmann Republican Stillwater 49.98%
Patty Wetterling Democratic-Farmer-Labor St. Joseph 42.17%
John Paul Binkowski Independence St. Marys Point 7.77%
7. Michael J. Barrett Republican Browerville 28.99%
Collin C. Peterson * Democrat Detroit Lakes 69.66%
Ken Lucier Constitution Moorhead 1.28%
8. Rod Grams ‡ Republican St. Francis 34.39%
James L. Oberstar * Democrat Chisholm 63.62%
Harry Welty Unity Duluth 1.94%
1 Mark Dayton* not a candidate.
2 Martin Olav Sabo* not a candidate.
3 Mark R. Kennedy* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Senator.


For United States Senator
Trent Lott * Republican Pascagoula
Erik R. Fleming Democrat Clinton
Harold M. Taylor Libertarian Nesbit
For United States Representative
1. Roger F. Wicker * Republican Tupelo
James K. (Ken) Hurt Democrat Verona
2. Yvonne R. Brown Republican Tchula
Bennie G. Thompson * Democrat Bolton
3. Charles W. ‘‘Chip Pickering * Republican Hebron
Jim Giles Independent Pearl
Lamonica L. Magee Reform Hattiesburg
4. Randy McDonnell Republican Biloxi
Gene Taylor * Democrat Bay St. Louis


For United States Senator
(Precincts Reporting: 98.23% (3680 of 3746))[11]
James M. Talent * Republican Chesterfield 47.4%
Claire McCaskill Democrat St. Louis 49.4%
Frank Gilmour Libertarian Manchester 2.3%
Lydia Lewis Progressive St. Louis .9%
For United States Representative
1. Mark J. Byrne Republican Ferguson
Wm. Lacy Clay * Democrat St. Louis
Robb E. Cunningham Libertarian St. Ann
2. W. Todd Akin * Republican St. Louis
George D. Weber Democrat Eureka
Tamara A. Millay Libertarian St. Louis
3. David Bertelsen Republican St. Louis
Russ Carnahan * Democrat St. Louis
R. Christophel Libertarian St. Louis
David Sladky Progressive St. Louis
4. James A. (Jim) Noland Republican Preston
Ike Skelton * Democrat Lexington
Bryce A. Holthouse Libertarian Warrensburg
Melinda (Mel) Ivey Progressive Kansas City
5. Jacob Turk Republican Lee's Summit
Emanuel Cleaver * Democrat Kansas City
Randall David (Randy) Langkraehr Libertarian Warrensburg
6. Sam Graves * Republican Tarkio
Sara Jo Shettles Democrat Liberty
Erik Buck Libertarian Liberty
Shirley A. Yurkonis Progressive Savannah
7. Roy Blunt * Republican Branson
Jack Truman Democrat Milford
Kevin Craig Libertarian Powersite
8. Jo Ann Emerson * Republican Cape Girardeau
Veronica J. Hambacker Democrat Salem
Branden C. McCullough Libertarian Cape Girardeau
9. Kenny C. Hulshof * Republican Columbia
Duane N. Burghard Democrat Columbia
Bill Hastings Progressive Columbia
Steven R. Hedrick Libertarian Warrensburg


For United States Senator (PARTIAL? County Totals 198200 10324 195635 404159)[12]
Conrad Burns * Republican Billings 48.40%
Jon Tester Democrat Big Sandy 49.04%
Stan Jones Libertarian Bozeman 2.55%
For United States Representative At Large (NO RESULTS ONLINE 2006-11-09)[13]
Dennis R. Rehberg * Republican Billings
Monica J. Lindeen Democrat Billings
Mike Fellows Libertarian Missoula


For United States Senator (Last Update: 11/08/06 09:58 AM Voter Turnout: 54%)[14]
Pete Ricketts Republican Omaha 36%
E. Benjamin Nelson * Democrat Omaha 64%
For United States Representative (Last Update: 11/08/06 09:58 AM Voter Turnout: 54%)[15]
1. Jeff Fortenberry * Republican Lincoln 59%
Maxine B. Moul Democrat Lincoln 41%
2. Lee Terry * Republican Omaha 55%
Jim Esch Democrat Omaha 45%
3. 1 Adrian Smith Republican Gering 55%
Scott Kleeb Democrat Dunning 45%
1 Tom Osborne* not a candidate for re-election; unsuccessful nominee for Governor.


For United States Senator
John Ensign * Republican Las Vegas
Jack Carter Democrat Las Vegas
David K. Schumann Independent American Minden
Brendan Trainor Libertarian Reno
For United States Representative
1. Kenneth Wegner Republican Las Vegas
Shelley Berkley * Democrat Las Vegas
Jim Duensing Libertarian Las Vegas
Darnell Roberts Independent American Henderson
2. 1 2 Dean Heller Republican Carson City
Jill Derby Democrat Gardnerville
Daniel Rosen Independent Stateline
James C. Kroshus Independent American Sparks
3. Jon C. Porter * Republican Henderson
Tessa M. Hafen Democrat Henderson
Joshua Hansen Independent American Henderson
Joseph P. Silvestri Libertarian Las Vegas
1 Jim Gibbons* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Governor.

New Hampshire

For United States Representative
1. Jeb Bradley * Republican Wolfeboro
Carol Shea-Porter Democrat Rochester
2. Charles F. Bass * Republican Peterborough
Paul W. Hodes Democrat Concord
‘‘Ken Blevens Libertarian Bow

New Jersey

For United States Senator
Thomas H. Kean, Jr. Republican Westfield
Robert Menendez * Democrat Hoboken
Daryl Mikell Brooks Poor People's Campaign Trenton
J. M. Carter God We Trust Lawrenceville
Len Flynn Libertarian Morganville
Edward Forchion Legalize Marijuana (G.R.I.P.) Browns Mills
Angela L. Lariscy Socialist Workers Newark
Gregory Pason Socialist Party USA Maywood
N. Leonard Smith, Solidarity Defend Life Hammonton
For United States Representative
1. Robert E. Andrews * Democrat Haddon Heights
2. Frank A. LoBiondo * Republican Ventnor
Viola Thomas-Hughes Democrat Bridgeton
Thomas Fanslau We the People Egg Harbor Township
Lynn Merle A New Direction Vineland
Robert E. Mullock Preserve Green Space Cape May Point
Willie Norwood Socialist Party USA Atlantic City
3. Jim Saxton * Republican Mount Holly
Rich Sexton Democrat Mt. Laurel
Ken Feduniewicz The Patriot Movement Tuckerton
4. Christopher H. Smith * Republican Hamilton
Carol E. Gay Democrat Brick
Richard Edgar Libertarian Cream Ridge
Louis B. Wary, Jr. Remove Medical Negligence Brick
5. Scott Garrett * Republican Wantage
Paul Aronsohn Democrat Ridgewood
R. Matthew Fretz An Independent Voice Upper Saddle River
6. Leigh-Ann Bellew Republican Union Beach
Frank Pallone, Jr. * Democrat Long Branch
Herbert L. Tarbous Diversity Is Strength Piscataway
7. Mike Ferguson * Republican Warren Township
Linda Stender Democrat Scotch Plains
Thomas D. Abrams Withdraw Troops Now Ringoes
Darren Young Libertarian Summit
8. Jose M. Sandoval Republican Passaic
Bill Pascrell, Jr. * Democrat Paterson
Lou Jasikoff Libertarian Totowa
9. Vincent Micco Republican Rutherford
Steven R. Rothman * Democrat Fair Lawn
Michael Jarvis The Moderate Choice Hawthorne
10. Donald M. Payne * Democrat Newark
11. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen * Republican Morristown
Tom Wyka Democrat Lake Hiawatha
John Mele Constitution Basking Ridge
Richard S. Roth Libertarian West Caldwell
12. Joseph S. Sinagra Republican Helmetta
Rush D. Holt * Democrat Hopewell Township
13. 1 John J. Guarini Republican Jersey City
Albio Sires Democrat West New York
Dick Hester Pro Life Conservative Newark
Herbert H. Shaw Politicians Are Crooks North Bergen
Brian Williams Socialist Workers Party Newark
Esmat Zaklama The American Party Jersey City
1 Robert Menendez* not a candidate.

New Mexico

For United States Senator
Allen W. McCulloch Republican Farmington
Jeff Bingaman * Democrat Santa Fe
Orlin G. Cole Republican (Write-in) Albuquerque
For United States Representative
1. Heather Wilson * Republican Albuquerque
Patricia A. Madrid Democrat Albuquerque
2. Stevan Pearce * Republican Hobbs
Albert D. Kissling Democrat Las Cruces
C. Dean Burk Democrat (Write-in) Deming
3. Ronald M. Dolin Republican Los Alamos
Tom Udall * Democrat Santa Fe

New York

For United States Senator
Roger Calero Socialist Workers Bronx
Hillary Rodham Clinton,* Democrat, Independence Working Families Chappaqua
Howie Hawkins Green Syracuse
Jeffrey T. Russell Libertarian Clifton Park
John Spencer, Republican Conservative Yonkers
William Van Auken Socialist Equality Jackson Heights
For United States Representative
1. Timothy H. Bishop,* Democrat, Independence Working Families Southampton
Italo A. Zanzi, Republican, Conservative School Tax Relief Smithtown
2. John W. Bugler, Republican Conservative Oakdale
Steve Israel,* Democrat, Independence Working Families Huntington
3. Peter T. King,* Republican, Independence Conservative Seaford
David L. Mejias, Democrat Working Families Massapequa
4. Martin W. Blessinger, Republican Conservative Floral Park
Carolyn McCarthy,* Democrat, Independence Working Families Mineola
5. Gary L. Ackerman,* Democrat, Independence Working Families Jamaica Estates
6. Gregory W. Meeks * Democrat Queens
Steven Ross PI Kew Gardens
7. Kevin Brawley, Republican Conservative Bronx
Joseph Crowley,* Democrat Working Families Queens/Bronx
8. Eleanor Friedman Republican New York
Dennis E. Adornato Conservative Brooklyn
Jerrold Nadler,* Democrat Working Families New York
9. Anthony D. Weiner,* Democrat Working Families Brooklyn
10. Jonathan H. Anderson Republican Brooklyn
Edolphus Towns * Democrat Brooklyn
Ernest Johnson Conservative Brooklyn
11. 1 Marianna Blume Conservative Brooklyn
Yvette D. Clarke, Democrat Working Families Brooklyn
Stephen Finger, Republican Libertarian Brooklyn
Ollie M. McClean Freedom Brooklyn
12. Allan Romaguera, Republican Conservative Brooklyn
Nydia M. Velázquez,* Democrat Working Families Brooklyn
13. Vito Fossella,* Republican, Independence Conservative Staten Island
Stephen A. Harrison, Democrat Working Families Brooklyn
14. Danniel Maio, Republican Let's Do It Queens
Carolyn B. Maloney,* Democrat, Independence Working Families New York
15. Edward Daniels Republican New York
Charles B. Rangel,* Democrat Working Families New York
16. Ali Mohamed, Republican Conservative Bronx
José E. Serrano,* Democrat Working Families Bronx
17. Eliot L. Engel,* Democrat Working Families Bronx
Jim Faulkner, Republican, Independence Conservative Yonkers
18. Richard A. Hoffman, Republican Conservative Bronxville
Nita M. Lowey,* Democrat Working Families Harrison
19. John Hall Democrat Dover Plains
Sue W. Kelly,* Republican, Independence Conservative Katonah
20. Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Democrat Working Families Hudson
John E. Sweeney,* Republican, Independence Conservative Clifton Park
21. Warren Redlich Republican Schenectady
Michael R. McNulty,* Democrat, Independence, Conservative Working Families Green Island
22. Maurice D. Hinchey,* Democrat, Independence Working Families Saugerties
23. Robert J. Johnson, Democrat Working Families Sackets Harbor
John M. McHugh,* Republican, Independence Conservative Pierrepont Manor
24. 2 Michael A. Arcuri, Democrat, Independence Working Families Utica
Raymond A. Meier, Republican Conservative Rome
25. Dan Maffei, Democrat Working Families Syracuse
James T. Walsh,* Republican, Independence Conservative Syracuse
26. Jack Davis, Democrat, Independence Working Families Clarence
Thomas M. Reynolds,* Republican Conservative Clarence
27. Michael J. McHale Republican Buffalo
Brian Higgins,* Democrat, Independence Working Families Buffalo
28. John E. Donnelly, Republican Conservative Buffalo
Louise McIntosh Slaughter,* Democrat, Independence Working Families Fairport
29. John R. ‘‘Randy Kuhl, Jr.,* Republican, Independence Conservative Hammondsport
Eric J. Massa, Democrat Working Families Corning
1 Major R. Owens* not a candidate.
2 Sherwood Boehlert* not a candidate.

North Carolina

For United States Representative
1. G. K. Butterfield * Democrat Wilson
2. Dan Mansell Republican Selma
Bob Etheridge * Democrat Lillington
3. Walter B. Jones * Republican Farmville
Craig Weber Democrat Pine Knoll Shores
4. Steve Acuff Republican Raleigh
David E. Price * Democrat Chapel Hill
5. Virginia Foxx * Republican Grandfather Community
Roger Sharpe Democrat Harmony
6. Howard Coble * Republican Greensboro
Rory Blake Democrat Charlotte
7. Shirley Davis Republican Clinton
Mike McIntyre * Democrat Lumberton
8. Robin Hayes * Republican Concord
Larry Kissell Democrat Biscoe
9. Sue Wilkins Myrick * Republican Charlotte
Bill Glass Democrat Charlotte
10. Patrick T. McHenry * Republican Cherryville
Richard Carsner Democrat Hickory
11. Charles H. Taylor * Republican Brevard
Heath Shuler Democrat Waynesville
12. Ada M. Fisher Republican Salisbury
Melvin L. Watt * Democrat Charlotte
13. Vernon Robinson Republican Winston Salem
Brad Miller * Democrat Raleigh

North Dakota

For United States Senator ( Precincts Reporting: 551 of 567 (97.18%) )[16]
Dwight Grotberg Republican Sanborn 29.47%
Kent Conrad * Democrat Bismarck 68.88%
James Germalic Independent Fargo 0.64%
Roland Riemers Independent Emerado 1.01%
For United States Representative At Large ( Precincts Reporting: 551 of 567 (97.18%) )[17]
Matt Mechtel Republican Page 34.21%
Earl Pomeroy * Democrat Valley City 65.79%


For United States Senator
Mike DeWine * Republican Cedarville
Sherrod Brown † Democrat Avon
Richard Duncan Write-in Aurora
For United States Representative
1. Steve Chabot * Republican Cincinnati
John Cranley Democrat Cincinnati
2. Jean Schmidt * Republican Miami Township
Victoria Wulsin Democrat Cincinnati
James J. Candit, Jr. Write-in Cincinnati
Nathan Noy Write-in Chillicothe
3. Michael R. Turner * Republican Dayton
Richard Chema Democrat Dayton
4. 1 Jim Jordan Republican Urbana
Richard E. Siferd Democrat Lima
5. Paul E. Gillmor * Republican Old Fort
Robin Weirauch Democrat Napoleon
6. 2 Chuck Blasdel Republican East Liverpool
Charles A. Wilson, Jr. Democrat St. Clairsville
7. David L. Hobson * Republican Springfield
William R. Conner Democrat Beavercreek
8. John A. Boehner * Republican West Chester
Mort Meier Democrat Hamilton
9. Bradley S. Leavitt Republican Toledo
Marcy Kaptur * Democrat Toledo
10. Michael D. Dovilla Republican Middleburg
Dennis J. Kucinich * Democrat Cleveland
11. Lindsey N. String Republican Cleveland Heights
Stephanie Tubbs Jones * Democrat Cleveland
12. Patrick J. Tiberi * Republican Columbus
Bob Shamansky ‡ Democrat Columbus
13. 3 Craig Foltin Republican Lorain
Betty Sutton Democrat Chardon
14. Steven C. LaTourette * Republican Concord Township
Lewis R. Katz Democrat Pepper Pike
Werner J. Lange Non-Party Newton Falls
15. Deborah Pryce * Republican Columbus
Mary Jo Kilroy Democrat Columbus
Bill Buckel Write-in Columbus
16. Ralph Regula * Republican Navarre
Thomas Shaw Democrat Wooster
17. Don Manning II Republican Cortland
Tim Ryan * Democrat Niles
18. 4 Joy Padgett Republican Coshocton
Zack T. Space Democrat Dover
1 Michael G. Oxley* not a candidate.
2 Ted Strickland* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Governor.
3 Sherrod Brown* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Senator.
4 Robert W. Ney* not a candidate.


For United States Representative
1. John Sullivan * Republican Tulsa
Alan Gentges Democrat Bartlesville
Bill Wortman Independent Tulsa
2. Patrick K. Miller Republican Snow
Dan Boren * Democrat Paden
3. Frank D. Lucas * Republican Cheyenne
Sue Barton Democrat Tulsa
4. Tom Cole * Republican Moore
Hal Spake Democrat Norman
5. 1 Mary Fallin Republican Oklahoma City
David Hunter Democrat Oklahoma City
Matthew Horton Woodson Independent Oklahoma City
1 Ernest J. Istook, Jr.* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Governor.


For United States Representative ( State results last compiled on 11/08/2006 at 08:25 AM )[18]
1. Derrick Kitts Republican Hillsboro 32.39%
David Wu * Democrat Portland 64.42%
Drake Davis Libertarian Portland 1.57%
Dean Wolf Constitution Aloha 1.47%
2. Greg Walden * Republican Hood River 66.89%
Carol Voisin Democrat Ashland 30.32%
Jack Alan Brown, Jr. Constitution Grants Pass 2.62%
3. Bruce Broussard Republican Portland 23.86%
Earl Blumenauer * Democrat Portland 73.01%
David Brownlow Constitution Damascus 2.86%
4. Jim Feldkamp Republican Eugene 37.61%
Peter A. DeFazio * Democrat Springfield 62.30%
5. Mike Erickson Republican Lake Oswego 42.67%
Darlene Hooley * Democrat West Linn 54.15%
Paul Aranas Pacific Green Silverton 1.48%
Douglas Patterson Constitution Oregon City 1.54%


For United States Senator
Rick Santorum * Republican Verona
Bob Casey, Jr. Democrat Pittsburgh
For United States Representative
1. Robert A. Brady * Democrat Philadelphia
2. Michael Gessner Republican Elkins Park
Chaka Fattah * Democrat Philadelphia
3. Phil English * Republican Erie
Steven Porter Democrat Wattsburg
Timothy J. Hagberg Constitution Warren
4. Melissa A. Hart * Republican Bradford Woods
Jason Altmire Democrat Pittsburgh
5. John E. Peterson * Republican Pleasantville
Donald L. Hilliard Democrat Brookville
6. Jim Gerlach * Republican Downingtown
Lois Murphy Democrat Narberth
7. Curt Weldon * Republican Glen Mills
Joe Sestak Democrat Wallingford
8. Michael G. Fitzpatrick * Republican Levittown
Patrick J. Murphy Democrat Bristol
9. Bill Shuster * Republican Hollidaysburg
Tony Barr Democrat Claysburg
10. Don Sherwood * Republican Tunkhannock
Christopher Carney Democrat Dimock
11. Joseph F. Leonardi Republican Dupont
Paul E. Kanjorski * Democrat Nanticoke
12. Diana Irey Republican Monongahela
John P. Murtha * Democrat Johnstown
13. Raj Peter Bhakta Republican Ft. Washington
Allyson Y. Schwartz * Democrat Jenkintown
14. Michael F. Doyle * Democrat Forest Hills
Titus North Green Pittsburgh
15. Charles W. Dent * Republican Allentown
Charles Dertinger Democrat Bangor
Greta Browne Green Bethlehem
16. Joseph R. Pitts * Republican Kennett Square
Lois K. Herr Democrat Elizabethtown
John A. Murphy Independent Coatesville
17. Matthew A. Wertz Republican Hamburg
Tim Holden * Democrat Saint Clair
18. Tim Murphy * Republican Pittsburgh
Chad Kluko Democrat Monroeville
19. Todd Russell Platts * Republican York
Philip J. Avillo, Jr. Democrat York
Derf W. Maitland Green Littlestown

Rhode Island

For United States Senator ( 565 of 565 Precincts Reporting Un-Official Results )[19]
Lincoln Chafee * Republican Warwick 46.52%
Sheldon Whitehouse Democrat Providence 53.48%
For United States Representative ( 565 of 565 Precincts Reporting Un-Official Results )[20]
1. Jonathan P. Scott Republican Providence 23.25%
Patrick J. Kennedy * Democrat Portsmouth 69.18%
Kenneth A. Capalbo Independent Kingstown 7.57%
2. James R. Langevin * Democrat Warwick 72.68%
Rod Driver Independent Richmond 27.32%

South Carolina

For United States Representative
1. Henry E. Brown, Jr. * Republican Hanahan
James E. Dunn Green Garden City
Randy Maatta, Democrat Working Families Charleston
2. Joe Wilson * Republican Springdale
Michael Ray Ellisor Democrat Lexington
3. J. Gresham Barrett * Republican Westminster
Lee Ballenger, Democrat Working Families Seneca
4. Bob Inglis * Republican Travelers Rest
William Griff Griffith Democrat Greenville
John Cobin Libertarian Greenville
C. Faye Walters Green Greenville
5. Ralph Norman Republican Rock Hill
John M. Spratt, Jr. * Democrat York
6. Gary McLeod Republican Manning
James E. Clyburn * Democrat Columbia
Antonio Williams Green Columbia

South Dakota

For United States Representative At Large ( 11/08/06 00:25:11 711 of 818 precincts )[21]
Bruce W. Whalen Republican Pine Ridge 29%
Stephanie Herseth * Democrat Brookings 70%
Larry Rudebusch Libertarian Bruce 2%


For United States Senator
1 Bob Corker Republican Chattanooga
Harold E. Ford, Jr. † Democrat Memphis
Ed Choate Independent Cleveland
David Gatchell Independent Franklin
Emory ‘‘Bo Heyward Independent Nashville
Gary Keplinger Independent Bethpage
Christopher Joseph Lugo Independent Nashville
For United States Representative
1. 2 David Davis Republican Johnson City
Rick Trent Democrat Morristown
Michael Peavler Independent Jonesborough
James W. Reeves Independent Johnson City
Mahmood (Michael) Sabri Independent Johnson City
Robert N. Smith Independent Greeneville
2. John J. Duncan, Jr. * Republican Knoxville
John Greene Democrat Chattanooga
3. Zach Wamp * Republican Chattanooga
Brent Benedict Democrat Hixson
4. Kenneth Martin Republican Fairfield Glade
Lincoln Davis * Democrat Pall Mall
5. Thomas F. Kovach Republican Mount Juliet
Jim Cooper * Democrat Nashville
Scott Knapp Independent Nashville
Ginny Welsch Independent Nashville
6. David R. Davis Republican Brush Creek
Bart Gordon * Democrat Murfreesboro
Robert L. Garrison Independent Gallatin
Norman R. Saliba Independent Murfreesboro
7. Marsha Blackburn * Republican Brentwood
Bill Morrison Democrat Memphis
Kathleen A. Culver Independent Linden
Gayl G. Pratt Independent Clarksville
John L. Rimer Independent Middleton
William J. Smith Independent Henderson
James B. ‘‘Mickey White Independent Rossville
8. John Farmer Republican Memphis
John S. Tanner * Democrat Union City
9. 3 Mark White Republican Memphis
Steve Cohen Democrat Memphis
Jake Ford Independent Memphis
1 William H. Frist* not a candidate.
2 William L. Jenkins* not a candidate.
3 Harold E. Ford, Jr.* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Senator


For United States Senator
Kay Bailey Hutchison * Republican Dallas
Barbara Ann Radnofsky Democrat Houston
Scott Lanier Jameson Libertarian Plano
For United States Representative
1. Louie Gohmert * Republican Tyler
Roger L. Owen Democrat Hallsville
Donald Perkison Libertarian Carrollton
2. Ted Poe * Republican Humble
Gary E. Binderim Democrat Houston
Justo J. Perez Libertarian Kingwood
3. Sam Johnson * Republican Plano
Dan Dodd Democrat McKinney
Christopher J. Claytor Libertarian Plano
4. Ralph M. Hall * Republican Rockwall
Glenn Melancon Democrat Sherman
Kurt G. Helm Libertarian Princeton
5. Jeb Hensarling * Republican Dallas
Charlie Thompson Democrat Athens
Mike Nelson Libertarian Allen
6. Joe Barton * Republican Ennis
David T. Harris Democrat Arlington
Carl Nulsen Libertarian Arlington
7. John Abney Culberson * Republican Houston
Jim Henley Democrat Houston
Drew Parks Libertarian Houston
8. Kevin Brady * Republican The Woodlands
James ‘‘Jim Wright Democrat New Caney
9. Al Green * Democrat Houston
10. Michael T. McCaul * Republican Austin
Ted Ankrum Democrat Cypress
Michael Badnarik Libertarian Austin
11. K. Michael Conaway * Republican Midland
12. Kay Granger * Republican Fort Worth
John R. Morris Democrat Fort Worth
Gardner Osborne Libertarian Hillsboro
13. Mac Thornberry * Republican Clarendon
Roger J. Waun Democrat Wichita Falls
Jim Thompson Libertarian Mineral Wells
14. Ron Paul * Republican Surfside
Shane Sklar Democrat Edna
15. Paul B. Haring Republican Goliad
Eddie Zamora Republican Edcouch
Rubén Hinojosa * Democrat Mercedes
16. Silvestre Reyes * Democrat El Paso
Gordon R. Strickland Libertarian El Paso
17. Van Taylor Republican Waco
Chet Edwards * Democrat Waco
Guillermo Acosta Libertarian Allen
18. Ahmad Hassan Republican Katy
Sheila Jackson-Lee * Democrat Houston
Patrick Warren Libertarian Houston
19. Randy Neugebauer * Republican Lubbock
Robert Ricketts Democrat Lubbock
Fred C. Jones Libertarian Abilene
Mike Sadler Write-in Abilene
20. Charles A. Gonzalez * Democrat San Antonio
Michael Idrogo Libertarian San Antonio
21. Lamar S. Smith * Republican San Antonio
John Courage Democrat San Antonio
Gene Kelly Democrat Universal City
Tommy Calvert Independent San Antonio
James Lyle Peterson Independent Austin
Mark J. Rossano Independent Austin
James Arthur Strohm Libertarian Austin
22. 1 Nick Lampson ‡ Democrat Houston
Bob Smither Libertarian Friendswood
Shelley Sekula Gibbs Write-in Houston
Joe Reasbeck Write-in Lago Vista
Don Richardson Write-in Houston
23. Henry Bonilla * Republican San Antonio
August G. ‘‘Augie Beltran Democrat San Antonio
Rick Bolanos Democrat El Paso
Adrian DeLeon Democrat Carrizo Springs
Lukin Gilliland Democrat San Antonio
Ciro D. Rodriguez ‡ Democrat San Antonio
Albert Uresti Democrat San Antonio
Craig T. Stephens Independent San Antonio
24. Kenny Marchant * Republican Coppell
Gary R. Page Democrat Irving
Mark Frohman Libertarian Grapevine
25. Grant Rostig Republican Dale
Lloyd Doggett * Democrat Austin
Brian Parrett Independent Austin
Barbara Cunningham Libertarian Caldwell
26. Michael C. Burgess * Republican Flower Mound
Tim Barnwell Democrat Aubrey
Rich Haas Libertarian Richland Hills
27. Wm. ‘‘Willie Vaden Republican Corpus Christi
Solomon P. Ortiz * Democrat Corpus Christi
Robert Powell Libertarian Corpus Christi
28. Henry Cuellar * Democrat Laredo
Frank Enriquez Democrat McAllen
Ron Avery Conservative Seguin
29. Eric Story Republican Houston
Gene Green * Democrat Houston
Clifford Lee Messina Libertarian Houston
30. Wilson Aurbach Republican Dallas
Eddie Bernice Johnson * Democrat Dallas
Ken Ashby Libertarian Dallas
31. John R. Carter * Republican Round Rock
Mary Beth Harrell Democrat Gatesville
Matt McAdoo Libertarian Thrall
32. Pete Sessions * Republican Dallas
Will Pryor Democrat Dallas
John B. Hawley Libertarian Dallas
1 Tom DeLay* not a candidate


For United States Senator
Orrin G. Hatch * Republican Midvale
Pete Ashdown Democrat Salt Lake City
Scott N. Bradley Constitution North Logan
Julian Hatch Desert Greens Boulder
Roger I. Price Personal Choice Huntsville
David Starr Seely Libertarian St. George
For United States Representative
1. Rob Bishop * Republican Brigham City
Steven Olsen Democrat Plain City
Lynn Badler Libertarian Park City
Mark Hudson Constitution Syracuse
2. LaVar Christensen Republican Draper
Jim Matheson * Democrat Salt Lake City
Bob Brister Green Salt Lake City
Austin Sherwood Lett Libertarian St. George
W. David Perry Constitution Sandy
3. Chris Cannon * Republican Mapleton
Christian Burridge Democrat South Jordan
Philip Lear Hallman Libertarian Provo
Jim Noorlander Constitution Fairview


For United States Senator
1 Rich Tarrant Republican Colchester
Cris Ericson Independent Chester
Bernard Sanders † Independent Burlington
Pete Diamondstone Liberty Union Brattleboro
Craig Hill Vermont Green Montpelier
Peter Moss Anti-Bushist Candidate Fairfax
For United States Representative At Large
2 Martha Rainville Republican Williston
Peter Welch Democrat Hartland
Keith Stern Independent Springfield
Jerry Trudell Independent Colchester
Chris Karr We the People East Montpelier
Bruce R. Marshall Vermont Green Rochester
Dennis Morrisseau Impeach Bush Now Pawlet
Jane Newton Liberty Union Londonderry
1 James M. Jeffords* not a candidate.
2 Bernard Sanders* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Senator.


For United States Senator
George Allen * Republican Chesterfield County
James H. ‘‘Jim Webb, Jr. Democrat Arlington
Glenda Gail Parker Independent Green Alexandria
For United States Representative
1. Jo Ann Davis * Republican Gloucester
Shawn M. O'Donnell Democrat Fredericksburg
Marvin F. Pixton III Independent Spotsylvania
2. Thelma D. Drake * Republican Norfolk
Philip J. Kellam Democrat Virginia Beach
3. Robert C. Scott * Democrat Newport News
4. J. Randy Forbes * Republican Chesapeake
Albert P. Burckard, Jr. Independent Green Carrollton
5. 5 Virgil H. Goode, Jr. * Republican Rocky Mount
Al C. Weed II Democrat Lovingston
Joseph P. Oddo Independent Green Ruckersville
6. Bob Goodlatte * Republican Roanoke
Andre D. Peery Independent Salem
Barbara Jean Pryor Independent Amherst
7. Eric Cantor * Republican Richmond
James M. Nachman Democrat Richmond
W. Brad Blanton Independent Stanley
8. Tom M. O'Donoghue Republican Alexandria
James P. Moran * Democrat Arlington
James T. ‘‘Jim Hurysz Independent Arlington
9. C. W. ‘‘Bill Carrico Republican Independence
Rick Boucher * Democrat Abingdon
10. Frank R. Wolf * Republican Vienna
Judy M. Feder Democrat McLean
Neeraj C. Nigam Independent Sterling
Wilbur N. Wood III Libertarian Berryville
11. Tom Davis * Republican Vienna
Andrew L. Hurst Democrat Springfield
Ferdinando C. Greco Independent Green Clifton


For United States Senator
Mike McGavick Republican Seattle
Maria Cantwell * Democrat Edmonds
Robin Adair Independent Seattle
Aaron Dixon Green Seattle
Bruce Guthrie Libertarian Tacoma
For United States Representative
1. Larry W. Ishmael Republican Kirkland
Jay Inslee * Democrat Bainbridge Island
2. Doug Roulstone Republican Snohomish
Rick Larsen * Democrat Everett
3. Michael Messmore Republican Chehalis
Brian Baird * Democrat Vancouver
4. Doc Hastings * Republican Pasco
Richard Wright Democrat Kennewick
5. Cathy McMorris * Republican Deer Lake
Peter J. Goldmark Democrat Okanogan
6. Doug Cloud Republican Tacoma
Norman D. Dicks * Democrat Belfair
7. Steve Beren Republican Seattle
Jim McDermott * Democrat Seattle
Linnea S. Noreen Independent Seattle
8. David G. Reichert * Republican Auburn
Darcy Burner Democrat Carnation
9. Steven C. Cofchin Republican Tacoma
Adam Smith * Democrat Tacoma

West Virginia

For United States Senator
John R. Raese Republican Morgantown
Robert C. Byrd * Democrat Sophia
Jesse Johnson Mountain Charleston
For United States Representative
1. Chris Wakim Republican Wheeling
Alan B. Mollohan * Democrat Fairmont
2. Shelley Moore Capito * Republican Charleston
Mike Callaghan Democrat Charleston
3. Kim Wolfe Republican Huntington
Nick J. Rahall II * Democrat Beckley


For United States Senator
Robert Gerald Lorge Republican Bear Creek
Herb Kohl * Democrat Milwaukee
Ben J. Glatzel Independent Milwaukee
Rae Vogeler Wisconsin Green Oregon
For United States Representative
1. Paul Ryan * Republican Janesville
Jeffrey C. Thomas Democrat Janesville
2. Dave Magnum Republican Pardeeville
Tammy Baldwin * Democrat Madison
3. Paul R. Nelson Republican Woodville
Ron Kind * Democrat La Crosse
4. Perfecto Rivera Republican Milwaukee
Gwen Moore * Democrat Milwaukee
5. F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. * Republican Menomonee Falls
Bryan Kennedy Democrat Glendale
Robert R. Raymond Independent Shorewood
Bob Levis Wisconsin Green Brookfield
6. Thomas E. Petri * Republican Fond du Lac
7. Nick Reid Republican Rice Lake
David R. Obey * Democrat Wausau
Mike Miles Wisconsin Green Luck
8. 1 John Gard Republican Peshtigo
Steven L. Kagen Democrat Appleton
1 Mark Green* not a candidate for re-election; nominated for Governor


For United States Senator
Craig Thomas * Republican Casper
Dale Groutage Democrat Lander
For United States Representative At Large
Barbara Cubin * Republican Casper
Gary Trauner Democrat Wilson

American Samoa

For Delegate
Amata Aumua Republican Pago Pago
Eni F. H. Faleomavaega * Democrat Vailoatai
Ae Ae Muavaefaatasi, Jr. Independent Pago Pago

District of Columbia

For Delegate ( Unofficial General Election Results )[22]
Eleanor Holmes Norton * Democrat District of Columbia 97.39%


For Delegate
Madeleine Z. Bordallo * Democrat Hagatna

Virgin Islands

For Delegate ( 10:16:28PM 11/7/2006 )[23]
Donna M. Christensen * Democrat St. Croix 62.91%
Warren B. Mosler Independent Christiansted 37.08%


This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.