2007 Festival of Cabaret – preview

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Next Wednesday, December 5, the 2007 Festival of Cabaret will begin in Zielona Góra. The event is to last 5 days, till Sunday, December 9. It is organised by Zielonogórskie Zagłębie Kabaretowe (English: Zielona Góra Basin of Cabarets).

The programme

The official opening of the Festival will take place at 17:00 (UTC) in the assembly hall of the University of Zielona Góra, 50 Podgórna Street, which is to be the main arena of the performances. Apart from the opening, the audience will see a show called Kabaret Teatr Absurdu "Żżżżż" (English: "Żżżżż" Cabaret Theatre of Nonsense) directed by Władysław Sikora. At 21:00 (UTC), among the events accompanying the Festival, it will be possible to watch a film titled Zamknięci w Celuloidzie in the "Kawon" club.

The second day of the Festival will be simultaneously the first day of the real contest, judged by the observers. Dno, Limo and Magda Mleczak cabarets will perform their shows at 17:00 (UTC) in the assembly hall of the University. At 21:00 (UTC) in the "Gęba" University club, the Playback Show is to take place; at the same time, in "Kawon", it will be possible to take part in a scenic-cabaret experiment entitled Nieustający skecz-sztafeta (English: Neverending sketch-relay).

Ani Mru Mru Cabaret

On Friday at 17:00 (UTC) the following cabarets will present their shows: Stado Umtata, NaPad and Artur Andrus. At 21:00 (UTC) the Kabaretowe karaoke (English: Cabaret Karaoke) in Gęba as well as a Piosenka mojego życia (English: The song of my life) lyrical-cabaret evening in Kawon are to begin.

Saturday will be the last day of the judged performances. At 16:00 (UTC) in the assembly hall of the University the audience is to see the shows by Ani Mru Mru and Ireneusz Krosny. Earlier, at 13:00 (UTC) in Zajazd Pocztowy, 78-80 Jedności Street, there will be an author's meeting with Grzegorz Miecugow, a co-author of the book "Kontaktowi, czyli szklarze bez kitu". At 20:00 (UTC) in the assembly hall of the UZ the life-improvised serial titled Spadkobiercy (English: The Heirs) is to begin. The last event of the Saturday evening will be the award of a silver and a few bronze Erich von Patisonh statuettes.

Sunday is the day intended for the performances of the cabarets from Zielona Góra. The audience will see the shows of cabarets connected with "Gęba" University club, including: Babeczki z Rodzynkiem, Ciach, Hlynur, Hrabi, Jurki, Made In China, Słuchajcie and Magda Mleczak.

The reports from the Festival will be free to see in Dzień dobry TVN (English: Good morning TVN) programme of a Polish commercial television channel TVN.

The observers

The 2005 Lodge of the Experts

During this year's Festival two bodies will take on the duty of the observers, deciding about the final results: the Chapter of the Statuette and the Lodge of the Experts.

The Chapter of the Statuette will be made up of three representatives of the world of cabaret: Justyna Weight, Maciej Michalski and Krzysztof Szubzda; additionally, they are to be joined by two members of the audience. The following people will make up the Lodge of the Experts: Zofia Merle, Stanisław Tym, Wojciech Młynarski and Władysław Sikora.

In the opinion of the organizers of the Festival:


The Statuette is not an award for the value of the programme – it's an expression of admiration, respect or jealousy towards the recipient.
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