2008 Taipei International Book Exibition: United Daily News makes good promotion on e-books launch

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

In the Hall 1 of 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition, the public often think this hall as a collective from general books. But this year, United Daily News Group (聯合報系) not only participated in this show with major brands on Economic Daily News (經濟日報), Linking Publishing (聯經出版社), and United Daily News Online (聯合線上), but also announced two interactive e-books with Old Master Q and Wan-Wan (彎彎) on Saturday (Feb. 16). With two major announcements, the General Book Hall conjoined with a fashion of comic.

The "Old Master Q" became a fashion in not only Taiwan but also Chinese-language world because readers in Chinese-language world wanted to collect whole series and recommended its series as "Must Buy Series", its humor style attracted readers to read. After several arrangements with music and flash movies, the "Old Master Q" series will be more interactive than a simple comic book.

Joseph Chak Wong (王澤) ever replied a question to local media about its characteristic and said:

Cquote1.svg The characteristic from main and sub characters can be varied, even though it (the series) is filled with male characters more than females, but I will try to neutralize the story structure and characteristic with character designs. Cquote2.svg

In the afternoon, a Taiwanese famous blogger drawer "Wan-Wan" Chia-wei Hu participated the E-book launch of "Can't I go to work? A drawing diary by Wan-Wan.". The original author, Wan-Wan said to media and fans:

Cquote1.svg Since my published works were famous and steadily, I will do a optimization from my past drawing and try to create a significant brand to market my works into the world. Cquote2.svg

After her words, the possibility of brand establishment on Wan-Wan's work may be increased in the future for the global marketing in comic world.


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