Abu Ghraib prison camp struck by tractor bomb

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April 5, 2005

A suicide tractor bombing struck the American held Abu Ghraib prison camp Monday, the 2nd attack in two days. Four Iraqi civilians are reported wounded.

The explosion occurred near the gates to the prison camp, and comes on the heels of a large attack earlier on Saturday, where both US soldiers and Iraqi detainees were injured. The apparent motive of the Saturday attack was to free detainees.

The New York Times reports that an official of the Interior Ministry said a letter was written by a woman who claims to be a detainee at the prison. In the letter, she reportedly begs to have the prison attacked to save her from the dishonor of rape by her American captors. The letter was circulated among Sunni mosques.

An internet posting by the Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi claims responsibility for both the Abu Ghraib attacks. The Al Qaeda militant group also claimed responsibility for the first attack.

The report of the tractor bombing came as military officials were announcing that a short riot broke out Friday in another American prison called Camp Bucca. Rocks were thrown and tents set on fire during a protest over several prisoners who were being transferred. Four guards and twelve prisoners were injured.

The Camp Bucca facility holds about 6,000 detainees, while Abu Ghraib holds 3,300.


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