Argentinian woman sticks to slot machine after winning 35 million pesos

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A 36-year-old woman stuck herself to a slot machine in a game hall in downtown Lomas del Mirador when she hit the jackpot of 35 million pesos, because the halls chief refused to pay up.

The woman placed a bet of 5 centavos. When the slot machine displayed that she had won 35 million pesos(1.72580651 million UK£ or 3.2279485 million US$), the game hall chief didn't pay her that prize, because they claimed the slot machine was malfunctioning.

She then held on tightly to the slot machine for as long as it took for TV journalists and a lawyer to arrive at the scene. In the Argentine news broadcasts the machine is seen with the amount of money won on the display. The game hall offered a settlement of 125000 pesos, but she has refused to accept that offer.