Arrest over London bombing

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

British police have arrested a person in West Yorkshire in connection with the London bombings. The man will be transferred to London for questioning. Six houses were raided in Leeds and Luton.

The police conducted controlled explosions to gain access to a house in Leeds, and three controlled explosions were made on a car in Luton Station's carpark.

More than 600 people were evacuated near the six houses raided in Leeds and the police has seized either explosives or devices used to make bombs.

Inspector Miles Himsworth said that the raids were conducted by the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist department with help from the Yorkshire Police and the Army Bomb Disposal Unit. He also said that the police were conducting a "careful and meticulous search".

Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair has confirmed that the operation "is directly connected to the outrages on Thursday". He added that "London, as well as New York" continue to be "major terrorist targets".