Australian parliamentary security officers allowed to address members as 'mates' again

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The ban on using the term "mate" as a form of address for fellow Australian security officers has been overturned. The ban was previously reported here on Wikinews 3 days ago. A daily email brief sent to security staff revoked the "mate" ban and suggested that security officers use their judgement about how to address visitors, employees and Parliamentarians.

The edit said: "PSS officers are reminded to treat everyone in Parliament House with respect and courtesy, and to be sensitive to the expectations of visitors and building occupants. In particular, PSS officers need to be aware of when a degree of informality may be acceptable and when a more formal approach is required, and should not use colloquialisms where these might not be understood or appreciated."

The decision to ban the word "mate" provoked significant expressions of outrage from Australia's Prime Minister and many other Members of the Parliament.