BBC broadcasts first live episode of EastEnders

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The BBC have broadcast the first ever live episode of television soap-opera EastEnders, a fictional programme set in London, England. The show, celebrating 25 years since the broadcast of the first episode, was aired on BBC One at 8pm UTC on Friday.

Over 400 camera shots were taken by thirty-six camera operators, instead of the four usually used in episodes. There were also three golf buggies to relocate actors in the midst of sets. The episode had been prepared for a total of nine months. Three days before the episode, 51 cast members took part in a read-through of the script, as well as two complete dress rehearsals. With the exception of a few minor mistakes at the start of the show by Scott Maslen, who plays the role of Jack Branning, the entire episode was broadcast without any significant problems.

The main focus of the plot in the episode was the revelation as to who the murderer of character Archie Mitchell was. The plot, marketed as "Who Killed Archie?" had been running consistently in the show for several months and there had been numerous suspects. Towards the end of the programme, character Bradley Branning fell from a roof after being pursued by police officers. At this point, Stacey Slater declared to Max Branning: "I did it. I killed Archie. It was me."

Ten separate possible endings for the episode had been created and rehearsed, and the identity of the killer was not known to actress Lacey Turner, who portrays Stacey, until thirty minutes before the episode broadcast. Character Ian Beale, portrayed by Adam Woodyatt, is the only remaining character that has appeared consistently in the programme since its debut in 1985.


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