Baby severely burned after oxygen hood catches fire

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maverick Thomas, a baby, just over a day old is in critical condition at the Hennepin County Medical Center's burn unit in Minnesota in the United States after his oxygen hood caught fire burning 18% of his body. He was under care by doctors at Mercy Hospital located in Coon Rapids when the fire occurred on Tuesday January 22.

Thomas, which is his middle name, had only been born 12 hours prior to the fire, nearly three weeks too early. He was receiving oxygen through a 'open-toped bassinet' when the gas contributed to igniting something inside his incubator, causing it to burst into flames.

Hospital staff, who were present when the incubator ignited, were able to quickly put out the fire, but not before Thomas suffered severe burns ranging from second degree to third degree. Doctors say that his condition is classified as life-threatening, but is expected to survive.

Police and fire officials are investigating the incident and are questioning hospital staff while searching for physical evidence as to what could has caused the fire. The Food and Drug Administration is also launching an investigation.

Officials have not released the family name to protect the privacy of the family.