Bali nine lawyer challenges police on legality of drug case

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The lawyer for one of the members of the so called Bali Nine is claiming he will challenge the legality of the indictment against his client.

Adnan Wirawan, the lawyer of Martin Stephens from Wollongong, says his client has been unfairly accused as being the ring leader of an alleged conspiracy to smuggle drugs: "He's a human suitcase... he was being told what to do."

Stephens appeared in Denpasar District Court on Wednesday. The prosecution claimed that Stephens and Renae Lawrence, from Newcastle, had their hotel and trip to Bali paid for by the accused mastermind, Andrew Chan.

Stephens' mother, Michelle, was in court for her son's first appearance and says she will support him throughout his trial: "I'm here to support my son, and I love him and I believe in him. And that's all I can say."