Beckham woos US as Disney Prince

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Monday, January 29, 2007

David Beckham at Annie Leibovitz's Disney photo shoot in Spain

David Beckham has been portrayed as a fairytale prince as part of a new promotion for Disney.

The footballer took on the role of Prince Philip from Disney's Sleeping Beauty in photographs for a new advertising campaign for the company. In the specially commissioned shots, Beckham is shown in battle with a fire-breathing dragon.

The pictures were taken by America's foremost celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, in the former England captain's current home of Spain, where he plays for football club Real Madrid.

Beckham described the experience as unique, saying: "I am the Prince and I am sort of slaying a dragon which is something I've never done before, obviously, and it's a very exciting project.

"When I was called about it and asked to do it, I was very honoured and really looking forward to it especially with Annie doing the pictures. I think that she always takes great pictures of everybody and she's always taken great pictures of me."

The portrait was taken months before Beckham signed his multi-million deal with football club LA Galaxy. It is part of an advertising campaign that will be seen across America. The publicity has added further frenzy to Beckham's high-profile arrival to the country, which is already being compared to that of the Beatles.

Leibovitz believes the 31-year-old footballer will grace Hollywood with more than just sporting skills.

"I think he would like to act and it was sort of a stepping-stone to that and I think he would actually make a great actor. He took it very seriously and when he wielded the sword on the horse, he really was very very serious about it and I love that."

Although it is not clear what else may be in the Hollywood pipeline for David and Victoria Beckham, Los Angeles and the United States seem to have already embraced the celebrity pair. Waxworks of the couple have been unveiled at Madame Tussaud's in New York, the Beckham's have launched their own perfume and they recently acquired newly-wed Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as very close friends.