Boni Yayi confirmed as winner of 2011 Benin presidental election

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Boni Yayi taking oath in 2006

Incumbant president Boni Yayi has been confirmed as the winner of the 2011 Benin presidental election. The result was announced by the constitutional court. Yayi won by 53% of the vote and will start his second term as president. He has been in power of the west African nation since 2006.

Robert Dossou, the president of Benin's constitutional court, released the results of the election. Yayi won with 53.31% while opposistion candidate Adrien Houngbedji received 35.64%. Dossou said in a statement to the media that "Boni Yayi won an absolute majority of votes required to be declared elected."

Houngbedji said that the election was a "plot," and that he refused to accept the results.

The election was delayed twice after many people were still not registered to vote. Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has appealed that the candidates accept the vote and should they want to appeal the decision do so legally. Candidates have five days to appeal before the decision becomes offical.