Boxing: Pacquiao downs Diaz in nine rounds

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Former United States Olympian boxer David Díaz surrendered his title as World Boxing Council Lightweight champion to Filipino, Emmanuel "The Pacman" Pacquiao in the ninth round.

Two minutes, twenty four seconds into the ninth round, Pacquiao knocked down Diaz to become the first Asian in boxing history to win four different titles.

Prior to winning the WBC Lightweight title, Pacquiao who hails from General Santos City in the Philippines was WBC super featherweight and flyweight champs and also holds the IBF super bantamweight crown, simultaneously holding the title of the super featherweight for Ring Magazine.

Way before the prized fight happened at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pacquiao's chances of trumping Diaz was high, out classing Diaz.

Pacquiao was aggressive at the very beginning showing off how his right hand has improved.

Pulling a lefty on Diaz on Round 4, bruising and later causing the Mexican-American's nose bridge to bleed. During Round 6, referee Vic Drakulich paused the fight to have Diaz's bleeding nose checked.

Diaz was heard saying in his corner that, his (Pacquiao) punches were "too fast."

Seeing that Diaz was not letting up, Pacquiao delivered punishing blows in succeeding rounds and a one-two punch hurled Diaz down to the canvass, ending the match in favor of a victorious Filipino.

The Filipino boxer's record now stands at 47-3-2 with thirty six victories was won as a knockout while Diaz now has his second career-loss in his 34 win record.

Pundits added a new title to Pacquiao, after grabbing titles from four Mexican fighters, he is now being called, "The Mexi-cutioner."

Future plans

Pacquiao was interviewed after the match and asked about his plans, saying it will all depend on his manager's decision.

Staying at the 135 pound class is still unsure but he is willing to go higher if warranted.

Bob Arum, promoter of the figth said they will want Pacquiao to stay top form.

Arum, boss of Top Rank Boxing showed off the strict regimen he and trainer Freddie Roach implemented. Arum says that there will be serious training in Los Angeles instead of going back to the Philippines. He also said, "No fight, no training in the Philippines anymore. Look at the shape he's in, look at the punches he threw."

Arum and Roach were also concerned over Pacquiao's focus. The Filipino boxer has been busy with other activities that inhibits the Filipino boxer from concentrating on training.

Pacquiao while holding boxing titles ran for a congressional seat last May 2004 and lost. Pacquiao also hosts a weekly television show.