CBC service returns to normal tomorrow

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Members of the Canadian Media Guild voted overwhelmingly to accept a tentative deal with Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) management after a seven week lockout. The Guild reported 3,514 ballots were cast and 88.4 per cent voted in favour of ratification during their 9 October ballot. Most of the 5,500 unionized workers are expected to be returning to work on Tuesday.

The deal caps contract workers at 9.5 per cent of the full-time work force. The issue of the employer insisting on a larger number of non-guild members lead the union to vote in favour of a strike in early August.

On 15 August the CBC effectively shut down its English-language programming outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick, and its French language service outside of Quebec.

The negotiated agreement includes an individual signing bonus of $1,000, as well as allowing for wage increases of 12.6% over the life of the contract (over the complete period of the contract, to 31 March 2009.)

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