Canadian burglars face 355 charges

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Friday, October 26, 2007

A thief hid in an over-sized box while the others monitored the area.

A trio of fast food robbers have been charged today by Toronto Police after a one year investigation over their Greater Toronto Area (GTA) fast food restaurant robberies, which have been carrying on since November 2006.

Their many successful break-ins were from the help of a police scanner, two-way radios, and other tools including an oversized cardboard box.

Police say one of the trio's members hid in a box while using a glass-cutter to cut through the front door of a restaurant. The two others monitored the area using a police scanner and two-way radios in case of police. The thieves also usually managed to disable any alarm systems. When the thief broke-in he/she would crawl on the floor until they found their desired destination, the cash-registers, then take all the money they wanted, and then discretely leave.

Police said the three were finally caught after responding to an unrelated call.

The names of the robbers are Gordon Michael Edwards, 27, Jason Richard Phillips, 25, and Donna Hofscheier, 23. They face a total of 355 charges for over 200 robberies totalling CAD250,000.