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Robin Cook, the former British foreign secretary and current Member of Parliament, has died of a suspected heart attack after collapsing during a walk on Ben Stack hill in Scotland. Cook, aged 59, was airlifted to a hospital 90 minutes after the collapse. He was reported dead five minutes later.

A trapped Russian submarine, located in a bay in the country's northeast region, has been rescued by the Royal Navy. The crew, consisting of seven officers and midshipman is unharmed. "The crew opened the hatch and climbed the rescue ship's deck on their own," reported a Russian admiral. "The rescue operation was completed successfully. We thank everyone, and especially the British rescue crew."

An investigation into the collapse of the Antarctic Larsen B Ice Shelf has revealed ecosystems previously unknown to the world. These ecosystems have most likely been isolated for about 10,000 years, during which the 600 foot shelf remained stable. Eugene Domack, who led the investigation, believes that methane gas has been fueling life beneath the some 2,800 feet of ice. Domack warns that the collapse of the ice shelf may have disrupted and could possibly destroy the recently-discovered ecosystem.


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