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Monday, June 22, 2009

Audio Wikinews
Audio Wikinews
Audio Wikinews News Brief for June 22, 2009
Recorded by: James_Pain
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The Audio Wikinews - News Brief is a two to five minute audio newscast summary of each day's top stories on Wikinews.

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News Brief Transcript for June 22, 2009


From wikinews, the free news source, this is the audio wikinews brief for Monday, June 22 2009. I'm James Pain. As of 22:17 UTC of this day there are no new or updated news stories.

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But What is special about Wikinews? Anyone can contribute, and articles are written collaboratively for a global audience. We strive at all times to meet the policy of using neutral point of view, ensuring our reporting is as fair as possible.

Furthermore, everything we write is cited, to maintain the highest standards of reliability.

Our policy is to omit opinion and commentary in our articles — if you want to tell the world what you think, try blogging.

Wikinews, like its big sister Wikipedia, is run and funded by volunteers donating their time and money, and has no advertising. Decisions are made collectively, and we like to negotiate. Discussion is encouraged, and there are plenty of people around to learn from.

Everything that's done on the wiki can be undone, so it's very friendly to new users. The interface is designed to be easy to use and easy to learn.

Like most publications, Wikinews has its own style guide, which helps its contributors make their efforts blend in harmony to produce a finished look. The style guide also contains a lot of tips and grammar guides. But you can pick up 99% of what you need to know just by looking at existing articles.

Not only does wikinews contain extensive up-to-date news stories, we conduct our own exclusive interviews. Wikinews' lastest interview is of former Republican U.S. Senator Bob Smith who announced his candidacy for Florida's open Senate seat in the 2010 midterm election earlier this month. Read this exclusive interview, conducted by wikinews reporter Joseph Ford, at wikinews dot org.

Wikinews also incorpriates Spoken Wikinews articles, audio recordings of selected wikinews articles that are free to download and listen to.

Also don't forget our world new quiz, updated every week with topical question from the news the previous week. Think you remember which Russian city has a historical building collapse in? Or which plane model did China Eastern Airlines sign a contract to buy twenty of. Click the 'World News Quiz' link on the left hand side of wikinews to have a go.


This has been a News Brief from, appologies for the lack of news. This recording has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. Until next time, thank you for listening and a very good day.


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