Child killer Huntley releases confession tape

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Sources have claimed that Ian Huntley, currently serving a minimum sentence of 40 years for the murders of two schoolgirls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, has made a videotape confessing his crimes. It is believed that the video was made before a failed suicide attempt in his cell at Wakefield high security prison in West Yorkshire.

Huntley was found unconscious in his cell on Tuesday following a suspected overdose of anti-depressant drugs. It is believed he obtained the drugs from a fellow prisoner in exchange for the videotape. The actions of an alert guard at the prison saved Mr Huntley's life -- he could have been dead before the existence of the tape came to light.

It is understood that managers at the Wakefield prison are transcribing the tape before sending transcripts to Cambridgeshire Police, who led the original investigation into the Soham murders.