Chris Moyles breaks record for longest running breakfast show on BBC Radio 1

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Chris Moyles has broken the record for the longest-running breakfast show on BBC Radio 1, beating the previous record holder Tony Blackburn, who had a total of 2,072 days on the job. Moyles has now clocked up 2,073 days on the job, and the number is still increasing as the days pass.

By going out on the road for a week, we are trying to thank as many people as we can.

—Chris Moyles

Tony Blackburn opened BBC Radio 1 on September 30, 1967, and kept on going until June 1, 1973. Chris Moyles started the breakfast show on January 5, 2004 and is still going.

The official logo for BBC Radio 1.

In an interview with British tabloid the Daily Mirror, Moyles said: "I have taken a [pay] cut because they wanted me to take a cut.

"I don't like the fact that I am earning less than I was two years ago, and I don't deserve to be because we are working harder and the figures are up. But at the same time if the BBC are saying 'help us out for a bit', then that's fine."

The Chris Moyles Show, the name of the weekday breakfast show on BBC Radio 1, is going on a tour that will involve performing in Plymouth, Cardiff, Leeds, Glasgow and London, all in the United Kingdom. Moyles stated: "By going out on the road for a week we are trying to thank as many people as we can."

Chris Moyles calls himself "the saviour of Radio 1". He equalled the record on Friday, and beat it on Monday.