Church of England threatens legal action over PS3 game

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Manchester Cathedral, England

The Church of England has threatened legal action against Sony Entertainment over the inclusion of the Manchester Cathedral in the PS3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man. The game, set in various English locations during an alternate history, includes a gun fight within the building.

The scene in question involves a small group of humans, including the player, taking refuge in the cathedral and attempting to fight off aliens who are attacking them.

The Church has requested an apology, saying that Sony did not ask for permission to include the Cathedral in the game, describing the game as "sick and sacrilegious". The Dean of Manchester Cathedral criticised Sony for failing to take into account Manchester's gun crime problems, saying "it is a shame to have Sony undermining our work".

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Sony defended the game, telling the Daily Telegraph, "[the game] is not based on reality at all" and compared it to the fictional series Doctor Who.

The Church will send a letter directly to Sony on Monday requesting an apology and withdrawal of the game from sale.