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==As voting/poling is evil influnced by an evil mind,corruption is so the same and nagetive aswell.gambling too is evil as what the world and its people make policies,regulations and laws that suite them and discriminate or burrs others from practising/participating at their own risk.The spirit that rules this world is also evil. The evil one is voted by the pride of evilry.Its that what makes us unwellcomed? =={ (talk) 09:32, 11 August 2017 (UTC)}

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corruption312:06, 13 August 2017


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Ever since 1996 two years after the first black president corruption in South Africa became rampent,with [[redistrution of property](RDP) slogans'garaffiti on the walls of Soweto and major black townships and a desire to move and live in suburbs in major cities,we have known that South Africa would beungovernerable:Corruption was a weapon to distruct apartheid regime:But didn't cease to exist (talk)12:08, 10 August 2017

Can you cite evidence to support that claim?

Pi zero (talk)12:12, 10 August 2017

<--when you are victim of insanity does one has to cite a claim of evidence? Just because you favour/favor crime doesn't me one a Mastermindits just from sorrow and disgust that you spit out the poison on the tongue and let live the one in tongue;whom do you bless?;the homeless? Whatsecurity has he?THE JOINED THE POLICE ALREADY AS CRIMINALS AT HEART like corruptors in every walks of life/live;critical times hard to deal with-->( (talk) 13:10, 10 August 2017 (UTC)) (talk)13:10, 10 August 2017
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==Corruption in South Africa is like poligamous marriage . Its a tag of war,fending for high salary/wages.Imagine inflated salaries of members of parliment SONAInflated like never before in the history of South Africa. _a battle of onours and fame.celibrity gravy train for numerous title holders in societies/communities of the range.A culture of crimen injuria/contept of court.The highest paid speaker of the national assembly over lapping that of the apartheid era/ dark ages == { (talk) 02:33, 11 August 2017 (UTC) (talk)02:33, 11 August 2017