Comments:WHO declares global swine flu pandemic

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This seems completely irresponsible by the WHO. They are at their highest level? What if there was something going around with a mortality rate higher than 0.5%? What if there was an actual plague? What would they do? Go to highest level +1? They have painted themselves into a corner by elevating alert levels prematurely. --SVTCobra 00:54, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

Actually this is a pandemic, this is a big deal, what would they do? They just did it, because of the severity of this. What could be worse? We could all be dead?

itt American ignorance

I knew 3 people who had the swine flu it is such a joke. Unless you are a little kid or walking with crutches or have any other ailments you will not die it is such a joke of a disease.

For better or worse, the lethality of illness is not part of the criteria for declaring a pandemic. <tongue-in-cheek> Perhaps there should be a 3-tier 1-6 protocol for indicating how bad a pandemic is. n for transmissiblity, n for geographic extent, and n for lethality with one being least severe and 6 being most severe for that tier. <tongue-in-cheek> --Mav (talk)
We people down here in Australia are entering our flu season, we most certainly have the right to give a damn about it. (talk) 05:31, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

"Unless you are a little kid or walking with crutches or have any other ailments you will not die it is such a joke of a disease." I think you seriously did not think that sentence through. Those risks alone are worth the pandemic rating — should it only be considered a pandemic if only adults die? Of course not. I think WHO was right in raising the Swine Flu to pandemic level.