Court witness kidnapped in Buffalo, New York

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Monday, March 17, 2008

According to Buffalo, New York police radio communications, a woman only named as 'Hartwell,' was reported to have been kidnapped from the area of 1770 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo.

Police stated that she is scheduled to testify in court today against an unknown party and according to an individual who called 911, she was kidnapped by individuals affiliated with the unknown party.

Further communications said that she was kidnapped from near the Hertel location, then driven to the Peace Bridge. Police state that when they arrived on scene at the Hertel location, the individual who called 911 was receiving text messages from Hartwell stating that they had already crossed the Bridge and made it into Canada.

Further communications stated that there is no description of the vehicle that took her and the suspects descriptions are also not known.

So far no amber alert has been issued regarding this incident.


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