Cyclist crosses Canada in 30 days for orphans

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Beginning May 28, 2005, ultra-marathon cyclist Arvid Loewen cycled 7,000 km in 30 days across Canada raising money and awareness for an orphanage, MCF, in Kenya. Cycling 240 km a day, Arvid began in White Rock, British Columbia, and finished on June 26 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

MCF, or Mully Children's Family, was founded by Charles Mulli, a man who was abandoned on the streets in Kenya at the age of six. He fought through life on the streets and subsequently became wealthy. He sold all his wealth and businesses and began an orphanage in his own home. That orphanage is now home to over 800 children.

Loewen, 48, cycled 12-14 hours a day, pushing through just about every weather possible. His biggest challenge to date has raised close to $100,000 (CA) and will hopefully continue. Riding on the back of his specially modified tandem bicycle was a rotating group of three Kenyan orphans, just 3 of the many whose lives have been changed. They took turns being pulled across the country by Loewen.

For more information and to donate to the cause, see the ride's official site,