Daily protests in Sarajevo, organized online

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Say enough! Each day in front of the Assembly from 17 to 18

A peaceful protest in Sarajevo, lasting for several weeks so far, was ignited by a post on an online discussion board, Sarajevo-X. In a post named "Patriotism" one user, with nickname Stolac92, expressed his dissatisfaction with Bosnia today, writing among other things on December 22: "My heart hurts. It hurts because of all injustice, recklessness, theft... But what hurts the most is that we are quiet, we are tolerating, forgiving instead of doing something about it."

After receiving support from other forum members, the user proposed gathering in front of the Assembly building every day, starting from 5pm. The protests started the same weekend, and had been lasting since, with couple to several dozen people attending.

Forum members decided they will not support any particular political party, but to work for Bosnia and Herzegovina without political ethnic entities and to support policies which are fair to all citizens and punish criminals. They decided to use an open palm with a Bosnian map on it for their symbol, with word Dosta (Enough) as their slogan.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been divided in two ethnic ethnities since the end of the war, the Serbian Republic and Federation of Bosniaks and Croats. Economic progress has been slow and created disparity between people.

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