David Cameron advocates a new "British" approach to a multicultural UK

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

David Cameron, leader of the U.K. Conservative Party, has outlined his vision for the future of a multicultural Britain in an article published in the Observer on January 28, 2007.

In a sharp criticism of the efforts launched by the Labour government to promote national identity - which include among other things a Britishness test for those wanting to become UK citizens - he advocates "a common culture defined by pluralism and tolerance and a distinctively British approach (calm, thoughtful, reasonable) to potentially incendiary issues."

Cameron agrees that there is a substantial alienation and division in the UK today and that "many thousands, maybe millions, feel shut out, under attack." However, he underlines that the way forward is not bullying people into Britishness but inspiring them to feel British.

According to him, this can only be achieved by offering equal opportunities and a quality education to everybody without denying anyone the chance to escape poverty and to fulfill their dreams.