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Digest for 14-25 December 2004

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Articles dated 14 to 25 December 2004 are included in the compilation below.


Mumbai officials demolish 39K shanties; 200K homeless.
25 December 2004
India government demolishes over 6,000 shanties in a push to eradicate the capital city's slums.

Former Indian PM Narasimha Rao passes away
23 December 2004
Former Indian PM Narasimha Rao passed away after suffering cardiac arrest in a private hospital in New Delhi.

Zambian government launches a new agricultural policy
22 December 2oo4
African nation moves to modernize food production infrastructure.

Mozambique's ruling party retains control in elections
22 December 2004
Elections in the Southern African nation Mozambique have resulted in a landslide victory for the ruling Frelimo party.

US army gives medical assistance to Iraq school
22 December 2004
US soldiers provided medical assistance to Iraq children at an elementary school in Bagdah.

Police raids filesharing resources
22 December 2004
The largest BitTorrent and ed2k link sites have been closed by police or went offline voluntarily.

European Union Council to accept software patent directive
22 December 2004

16 Foot Asteroid Passes Between Earth and Satellites
22 December 2004
Earth's scientists discover the latest astronomical near-miss.

Thieves carry out biggest bank robbery in British history
21 December 2004
Thieves have gotten away with $39m or $58m from the Northern Bank.

SEALs say US officer's cover-up was reported by fake SEAL
21 December 2004
US Sergeant Frank Ford has already made several unsubstantiated claims according to VeriSEAL.

Poland made software patent directive stop
20 December 20 2004
Despite all expectations, the EU Council will further discuss the software patent directive.

Battle of the Bulge reenacted in Belgium
19 December 2004
Seventeen American paratroopers jumped out of two old Dakota's who date from WWII.

The Deadliest Fall
18 December 2004
The flu pandemic in the Fall of 1918 killed tens of millions. Can it happen again?