Eight US soldiers killed in Afghanistan after clash with millitants

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Officials say that eight US soldiers and two members with the Afghan National Security Force were killed on Saturday, following a battle with militants in Afghanistan. Another thirteen Afghan security officers were captured.

The clashes occurred in the Nuristan province, a remote area in the eastern part of the country, NATO said. It was the largest number of US troops killed in a single battle for over a year.

The militants had reportedly attacked two security posts in the province with rifles and rockets, according to the International Security Assistance Force. The posts were surrounded by several hundred fighters.

In response, the US dispatched jets to launch air strikes on the area. A statement by NATO announced that "coalition forces effectively repelled the attack and inflicted heavy enemy casualties while eight ISAF and two ANSF [Afghan National Security Forces] members were killed."

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attacks.