FBI Investigates 250 thousand poisoned U.S. dollars

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

US Dollar bills may have been deliberately contaminated.

The FBI has taken over a case covering several cities. Police found $250,000 in sealed bags, intercepted between Columbus, Ohio and Northeast Philadelphia. State troopers counting the cash became ill, and one was hospitalized. The cash is believed to be drug money.

Sources told CBS 3 tests on the cash counter revealed the presence of a toxin derived from the bacteria staphylococcus. There is speculation the contamination may have been deliberate to prevent the money being tampered with in transit.

FBI Spokesperson Jerri Williams said, “This is under investigation and we have no information to provide to the public at this time."

A warning has been issued recommending that officers should take extra precaution and wear protective masks when handling suspected drug money.