Fats Domino missing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Fats Domino

Legendary R&B singer Fats Domino is missing, three days after Hurricane Katrina hit in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The singer told his agent, Al Embry, that he planned to stay at his home with his wife and daughter, rather than evacuate. He has not been heard from since Sunday night. It was reported on Wednesday that his house was flooded, though there were no reports on whether Domino and his family were able to escape.

Domino, 77, lives in the city's 9th Ward, one of the areas hardest hit by Katrina. Attempts to reach Domino by phone proved futile, as phone lines have not been working in the area since the storm hit.

Antoine 'Fats' Domino first gained stardom with one of the first rock n' roll records, "The Fat Man". The record went platinum, selling over a million copies and hitting #2 on the Billboard charts. Of Domino's numerous Top 40 singles, perhaps his most notable were Blue Monday and a cover of Blueberry Hill.

Domino retired from touring in the 1980s, and has not left the city since, citing his dislike of touring, and his love of New Orleans cuisine. Not even his induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or an invitation to the White House were able to get Domino to leave the town.

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