First person infected with Bird Flu in China has clean bill of health

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The first person to become infected with the Avian Flu or Bird Flu virus in China has been declared healthy after being infected one year ago.

Doctors say that He Junyao, 10-years-old, who was infected on October 18, 2005 is healthy and all his body functions are "normal."

"[His] body functions are all normal" and the illness "has not affected the boy's growth," said Doctor Jiang Yaohui of the Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital. Yaohui also stated that the quick and "proper treatment" the boy had received was the reason that he survived.

The boy has been granted free medical check-ups until his eighteenth birthday.

At least 19 people have become ill from the illness in China and at least 14 of those have died.