Former judge calls for Cherie Blair's resignation

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cherie Blair

In the United Kingdom, a former senior judge, Gerald Butler QC, has called for Cherie Blair to be dismissed from her post as a part-time judge, after accusing her of bringing the legal profession into disrepute by publishing her memoirs, which contain many indiscretions.

Blair, who is a recorder (a barrister who sits occasionally as a judge), has just published her memoirs, Speaking for Myself. Butler, who was the senior judge at Southwark Crown Court in Central London for 13 years said, "I don't think she should continue to sit as a recorder. If she wants to tread this path of making money by outrageous comments that is up to her, but I don't think this is a job for a judge. It shows a complete lack of any kind of decency. It's the kind of conduct which demeans the legal profession. It is disgraceful, but nothing less than I would expect from her."

A member of the Bar Council, John Cooper, said: "One of the important factors in being a judge is being able to exercise judgment, and part of that judgment is being trusted with confidential material. One has to be very careful, in my view, in what one exposes to the public gaze. I know of no High Court judge who has written their memoirs before they have retired."

However, Cherie Blair replied on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour that she wouldn’t quit, saying that law was "really important to my life".