Four channels to be launched on Viasat in the Nordic and Baltic countries

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Swedish satellite broadcaster, Viasat, has announced that they are about to launch four new channels on their digital platforms in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia this autumn. The channels are Toon Disney, Cartoon Network, TCM and E!.

The launch of Toon Disney was announced earlier in 2005. Until August 1, Viasat broadcast the Disney Channel exlusively on satellite. With the launch of Toon Disney, their competitor Canal Digital is also able to broadcast the Disney Channels.

Cartoon Network and TCM are already available with most of Viasat's comptetitors, but from September 23, Viasat will also broadcast the Turner-owned channels.

The company that broadcast E! in the Nordic countries before decided to rename their channel and get a new franchise. However, E! will re-arrive in the Nordic and Baltic countries on August 1.