Four dead after explosion at police station in Peshawar, Pakistan

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At least four people have been killed and another 26 wounded after a suspected suicide bomb attack near Peshawar, Pakistan killed four people today, according to police.

The explosion occurred at a police station in Badaber, located about twelve kilomtres from Peshawar. The blast damaged the station and a mosque, and completely destroyed several shops and other buildings located nearby.

"The death toll is four and there are 26 injured," commented a doctor for the Lady Reading Hospital, Zafar Iqbal. Liaqat Ali Khan, a local police official said to the Associated Press news agency that security officials started shooting at a vehicle as it drove up to a checkpoint near the police station. The driver, however, managed to set off the explosives.

"We have beefed up checks at entry and exit points to and from the tribal areas and that's why these blasts are taking place at our checkposts and our men are laying down their lives," Khan told the Associated Press.