Greek actor Sotiris Moustakas dies at 67

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Monday, June 4, 2007

The Cyprus-born, Greek actor Sotiris Moustakas died suddenly today in Athens, Greece. During rehearsals Moustakas felt unwell and was transferred to a private hospital in Athens. He was taken to the intensive care unit, but he passed away, early in the morning. He was 67 years old.

Sotiris Moustakas was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1940. In the 1960s Moustakas began working in Greece, performing in movies, plays and television shows.

Moustakas became famous after his small role as the village idiot, Mimithos, in the Hollywood movie Zorba the Greek in 1964. He graduated from the National Theatre School and he also played many parts in Aristophanes’ plays in theatres around Greece. Sotiris Moustakas was about to tour Greece during summer, playing in an Aristophanes' comedy along with actor Thimios Karakatsanis.