HMAS Sydney found

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Monday, March 17, 2008

HMAS Sydney

The final resting place of HMAS Sydney has been found.

Ted Graham chairman of Finding Sydney Foundation said "From my point of view ... they contain the remains of many people and our firm view is that they should be left alone."

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd confirmed at a press conference in Canberra this morning that the wreckage of HMAS Sydney has been found.

Mr Rudd said "The Australian Government hopes that the discovery of HMAS Sydney brings some closure to the families of the 645 Defence Force personnel who lost their lives bravely in this naval action in World War II.

"It's also a time for the nation to reflect on the bravery of all the men who gave their lives in the defence of this country in this particularly brutal and bloody engagement.

"I wish to confirm that under the Historic Shipwrecks Act, the Minister for Environment is in the process of issuing an interim protection order for both vessels." The other vessel is the HSK Kormoran which was located yesterday 112 nautical miles from Steep Point, Western Australia. HMAS Sydney is 10 nautical mile west of the Kormoran.

HMAS Sydney was sunk on November 19, 1941 by the HSK Kormoran, itself later scuttled by her crew, with the loss of all hands which has fuelled many concerns about what actually happened along with theories of Government coverups over the events. The location of the Sydney is consistent with reports from the survivors of the Kormoran.

Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, Vice Admiral Russ Shalders says that there is more work to do in unlocking the mystery of what happened 66 years ago.

Barbara Craill, daughter of Walter Freer who went down with the Sydney, has said "I feel there should be definitely an inquiry," saying that while the discovery closes one part of the mystery only a judicial inquiry can discover the all that happened "... because there are things that should be brought out. I mean surely we are adult enough to know that not all was well."

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