Head of CBC network considers defecation as pleasurable as sex

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) chairman Guy Fournier loves going to the washroom, Radio-Canada reports, and his image in Quebec is suffering because of it.

While trying to defend himself on Radio-Canada program Tout le monde en parle for false, disparaging comments about the Lebanese, Fournier faced even greater pressure. In May 2006, Fournier gave an interview to a French-language Toronto radio station, spending more than ten minutes recounting his love of what many refer to as "pooing".

According to his account, Fournier was on a train ride in the 1960s with his friend Michel. Michel commented that he considered this particular usage of a washroom as being as great a pleasure as sexual intercourse.

The interview did not receive much attention at the time, due to a limited audience.

In the interview, Fournier comments "as you grow older, you continue to go poop once a day if you are in good health, while it is not easy to make love every day. So finally, the pleasure is longer-lasting and more frequent than the other." He spoke out about distracting oneself on the toilet, and called doing a Sudoku or a crossword a "heresy". He continued that "it is just as heretical as if you read the National Post while making love. It is not to be recommended."

Fournier was on Tout le monde to apologise for unsubstantiated claims that bestiality is permitted in Lebanon, so long as the animal is of the opposite sex. In the 9 September issue of 7 Jours, Fournier wrote "In Lebanon, the law allows men to have sexual relations with animals as long as they are female! Doing the same thing with male beasts can result in the death penalty."

His claims were made solely on information found on the Internet.

While an apology was made on the French-language program Tout le monde, which averages over two million listeners, Alain-Michel Ayache at the Université du Québec à Montréal is unsure whether he'll drop his lawsuit. Ayache, a political science instructor of Lebanese descent, has begun the steps required to file a lawsuit.

Ayache commented to the National Post that he is astonished Fournier wishes to remain the chairman of the CBC, after using such low journalistic standards.