Headmaster to meet parents after student sex parties

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Unfortunately, this year I have heard stories of boys lying to parents about the social events that are occurring; of parents' houses being trashed; alcohol and drugs being accessed; of gangs (from beyond the school) attacking boys; and of sexual behaviour that would be of concern to all parents

— Headmaster Reverend Andrew Syme in the letter he sent to parents

The headmaster of Scotch College in Perth, Western Australia is set to meet the parents of the school's Year 11 (aged 15 - 17) students after a set of incidents involving alcohol, use of recreational drugs and the hire of a stripper, who used vegetables and fruit in her act, at a Rugby union wind-up.

Reverend Andrew Syme issued a letter late last week to parents informing them of the seriousness of these events and the actions parents need to take. Syme stated in the letter that a number of parents approached him during the year.

Other incidents to occur during the year include 300 gate crashers turning up at a student's party in July, causing injury to the bouncer, and "inappropriate sexual behaviour in parks and other public places".

The meeting is to be held on October 31 in the school's library.

This was a serious cause of concern for the entire community.


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