Ignatieff, Rae say they'll run in next Canadian election

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Monday, December 4, 2006

Stéphane Dion, making his acceptance speech after winning the party leadership. Visible behind him are Scott Brison, Joe Volpe, Martha Hall Findlay, and Ken Dryden.

Michael Ignatieff, who was the runner-up in yesterdays election, says he will hang on to his seat in the House of Commons and run again in the next federal election. Bob Rae, former NDP premier and currently not an elected MP, also said that it's "still my intention" to seek a seat in Parliament. "I said during the leadership race that that was the plan and it's still the plan," said Rae.

There has been some speculation that Ignatieff would go back to Harvard University in the United States and Rae would go back to his Toronto law practice. Ignatieff and Rae were in the first and second spots until Stephane Dion, former dark horse in the election, surged past three other candidates to win on the fourth ballot.

Dion discussed with Liberals yesterday what they felt about the recent Liberal election and the future of the party. Rae, Ignatieff, and all the other Liberals said Dion is a good leader. "[Dion's] going to be a good leader," Ignatieff said on his way to the luncheon. "He's going to be the next prime minister of the country and I'm going to work real hard to make all that happen." According to Rae, the conversation was "candid and very direct and Mr. Dion set a great tone for the meeting."

The newly elected leader hopes to win the next federal election which is expected in 2007.