Illinois to allow same-sex marriage law

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

File photo of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, who is expected to sign the bill.
Image: Chris Eaves.

The Illinois House of Representatives voted 61–54 yesterday to approve a law allowing for same-sex marriage. Governor Pat Quinn is expected to sign the bill and ceremonies for same-sex couples are expected to start in June of next year.

State Represeptative Greg Harris, the bill's sponsor, said, "what this bill is about is love, it's about family, it's about commitment".

Bernard Cherkasov from the gay rights group Equality Illinois welcomed the passing of the bill. "The first thought that popped into my mind was all those families around the state that I've met over the past five years in fighting for marriage equality. The couples, their parents, their children, all who have waited for this moment."

The Catholic Conference of Illinois released a statement "deeply disappointed that members of the General Assembly chose to redefine what is outside of its authority: a natural institution like marriage. We remain concerned about the very real threats to religious liberty that are at stake with the passage of this bill".