Iraqi Policeman killed while protecting leader of 'Sons of Iraq'

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Monday, March 31, 2008

The website of the Multi-National Force in Iraq has said that a policeman in Iraq and two members of the 'Sons of Iraq' (SOI) have been killed while preventing an attempted attack on a leader of the SOI.

A press release by MNF-Iraq described the Incident. It said " an Iraqi Policeman was killed and two Sons of Iraq group members were injured while attempting to foil a suicide car bomb targeting an SOI leader’s house in a densely populated area in the northern Iraqi city March 30."

"according to Coalition forces in Siniyah, the vehicle detonated as the men were attempting to deny movement to the house by engaging the vehicle with small arms-fire," continued the release.

The bombing was attempted soon after a representative of the US army said that SOI were "not a permanent security solution."