Israeli Air Force attacks militant bases in Lebanon

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Sunday, May 28, 2006 Lebanese officials have stated that jets from Israel have bombed the bases of a Palestinian militant group near Beirut. Reports say missiles were fired at camps run by the PFLP a few hours after an Israeli soldier was hurt when a rocket which was fired from Lebanon hit an army base near the Israeli town of Safed.

Israeli officials stated that they were holding the government of Lebanon responsible for the attack that originated from within the latter country's borders. According to the Associated Press, Israel is going to make an official complaint to the United Nations Security Council. A spokeswoman for the Israeli Army said, "The state of Israel holds the Lebanese government responsible for any terror attack emanating from its territory."

No militant group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack, although the Lebanese extremist group Hezbollah and Palestinian militants based in Lebanon have, in the past, claimed responsibility for such attacks. Israel has also responded to such incidents by conducting air-operations similar to the one it conducted today. There were reports that the Israeli planes fired up to eight missiles during the two runs they conducted, but there do not seem to be any casualties.

Hezbollah said Israel's air strikes were "part of Israel's targeting of security and stability in Lebanon".

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