Italian senators lobby for ice cream

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Two Italian senators, Rocco Buttiglione (UDC) and Albertina Soliani, (L'Ulivo), on behalf of many other colleagues, forwarded a request to Senate's administrators on June 8th for ice cream in the Senate's cafeteria.

The text of the request is very concise:

We forward you a request to improve the quality of life in Senate. The cafeteria is not supplied with ice-cream. We believe it would be useful to have and we think to interpret the desire of senators. Is it possible to provide that? You would adapt Senate's service to people's everyday life's needs. Best regards.

Three of the senators are administrators who will decide about the request: senator Gianni Nieddu, Ulivo; senator Romano Comincioli, Forza Italia and South Tyrol senator Helga Thaler.

Last March, Senate's president, Franco Marini, allowed senators to hold a wine sommelier course in Palazzo Madama, Senate's seat, and previously senators got regional (and then provincial too) speciality during the "special gastronomic weeks".