Japanese tourist travels through 37 countries on just $2

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Keiichi Iwasaki, a 36-year-old Japanese tourist has spent eight years cycling more than 45,000km across 37 countries with the equivalent of just $2 in his pocket, relying on his bicycle for transport.

Iwasaki left his home for a short tour through Japan in 2001. He liked the trip so much that he extended his trip and hitched a ride on a ferry to South Korea and began to travel the world.

"Most travellers and adventurers need money but instead of giving up an opportunity to travel the world I want to clarify that dreams can come true if you have a strong will," Iwasaki said.

During his trip, Iwasaki ran into trouble on many occasions. He was robbed by pirates, attacked in Tibet by a rabid dog, escaped marriage in Nepal and was arrested in India.

Countries Iwasaki has visited include: South Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Switzerland.